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If you’re left scratching your head for ideas of what games to play for the remainder of the Halloween season, I’ve got a few recommendations of horror-themed fun to toss your way. All prices below are in USD, so remember to check current currency conversion and if retailers are currently offering international shipping.

MGsMurderous Ghosts

In Murderous Ghosts, you have two players with opposite goals.

The Ghost wants to kill you.

You want to escape.

You’re odds aren’t looking so good.

20-60 minutes to play, intended for 2 players. For my birthday this year, a group of friends discussed a ‘theme’ for the ghosts in advance and played the ghost as a collective, switching turns each time the Ghost was prompted by the game to turn to a new page. I’d recommend asking if there’s any content limits players want to place before starting play. This game could go some dark places people aren’t prepared for.

PDF: $5.00
Books: $15 + Shipping & Handling. Order here.


BetrayalBetrayal at House on the Hill

Betrayal is one of my favorite board games. You and your friends went to the spooky mansion up on the hill, the one where everyone votes as most likely to be a nexus of evil out for blood. Once you’ve stumbled onto enough terrible, unspeakable things in the house, things get really weird after one of you betrays the rest of your intrepid friends.  3-6 players, chock full of macabre mayhem. If you lack a Friendly Local Game Store, you can buy it online here.

List Price: $50.00.



CDCCarolina Death Crawl

For 3-4 players looking for a harrowing experience, spend three hours (or thereabouts) playing Carolina Death Crawl. Union soldiers abandoned in Confederate territory, deep behind enemy lines, you’re not going to let Hell itself stop you from getting home before you’re branded a deserter.Too bad somethin’ bad as Hell’s looking forward to stopping you. Purchase your ride across a swamp ghost infested hellscape here.

PDF: $10.00
PDF+Cards: $15.00


DRYH Don’t Rest Your Head

You’re not sleeping anymore. But you’re not an ordinary insomniac. It’s led you to the Mad City, a place where the powers your insomnia unlocked from inside you are one of your last defenses against the Nightmares out for your blood—or worse. DRYH is a horror roleplaying game I recommend everyone try at least once.

Book+PDF: $15.00. Purchase here.

PDF: $5.00. Purchase here.



LFNELittle Fears

Kids know the truth about the world. Monsters are real, and they can take you or one of your friends if you’re not careful. Adults don’t know what’s really in the shadows, and the one person that can save you?

Is you.

Book: $25.00
Book+PDF: $30.00 (Before shipping and handling).

Purchase Little Fears products here.


For the sake of all my fellow macabre and horror loving gamers, leave your suggestions of beloved terrifying card games, board games, roleplaying games, and terror-inducing game hacks in the comments.


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