Who Anniversary: Get Ready

The 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who is drawing ever closer, and I for one am getting more and more excited (trust me, it’s possible).  Many of my friends are preparing by brushing up on past episodes – specifically, rewatching the most recent season.  I don’t think that’s a bad idea at all (after all, Moffat’s plots do get rather timey-wimey) but recall that the 50th Anniversary celebrates the entire history of Who, not just the last few seasons!  Here are a few other options to get into the Who holiday spirit, as it were:

Plan an Outfit

Or a week of outfits, if you’re like some I know!  The days of desperately hunting down one piece of merch with a Dalek on it are over.  No matter your climate or location, it’s easy to represent your favorite incarnation or threat to time and space.  Here are a few ideas:

Scarf – One of the most iconic symbols associated with the show is, naturally, 4th Doctor Tom Baker’s over-the-top scarf.  You can buy them any number of places, or you can download a pattern and knit your own (I think you have time, maybe? I can barely thread a needle myself).

But remember, other patterns are available as well, and winter is coming for half the globe.  I personally like scarves that go with a TARDIS theme, like this one  or this one.

Shirt – The range of available Who t-shirts is ever-expanding.  Here’s a new one that I find cute.  Don’t forget about sites like Threadless and Teefury too – some great options there, if you can snare them in time.

Cosplay – You know you want an excuse to.  Or maybe you know you don’t need an excuse to.  At any rate, a viewing party is a great time to bust out the celery, Aqua Net, or Union Jack shirts, depending on who you’re going for.

Test Your Mettle

If you live in a mid-to-large city, you might be able to sign up for the one-night-only Doctor Who Quiz being put on by Geeks Who Drink.  Their site states that they’ll cover all 50 years of Who, but the majority of the focus will be on New Who, so you don’t need to burn out your retinas trying to cram before this weekend.

However, if you don’t live in one of the listed cities, or if perhaps you’d like an extra-challenging competition that really does get into the nitty gritty of Doctor Who, why not come up with your own trivia contest?  You can have a separate night before the Anniversary Special airs, or you can use it to pregame the day of.  Just make sure you have the internet nearby, because fans like to quibble (for example, I’d avoid a question on the proper spelling of “Doctor” if you’re playing against me, because I will defend my stance with passion).

Cue the Theme Song

So you might not have time to sit and watch 30 hours of Doctor Who, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go about your business with a little Who ambience.  Tons of soundtracks and remixes are available out there – I personally like this theme that I associate with the old Cybermen and this one from “The Impossible Astronaut” (which, incidentally, I was able to play in an awesome experience as part of the Doctor Who Fan Orchestra).


So maybe I’m just a girl who loves to decorate for the holidays, but this seems like as good a reason as any, especially if, again, you’ll be viewing with others.  The greatest part is, you can decorate in so many different ways – whether you’re an American aiming for a slice of the UK in your own home or going for something a little more otherworldly.  You can even go 60s mod or 80s synth  -whenever your favorite Doctor resides.  Bonus points for themed food – these Sonic Screwdrivers are a great place to start.

Take It to the Cinema

Select movie theaters around the world are joining in the Anniversary celebration and showing the special in limited screenings.  Some will even be simulcast with the initial broadcast, while others are the day or so after.  Check locations and ticket availability here.

What about you?  How will you be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who?  Share your ideas and plans below! 

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