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3d-abstract_widewallpaper_road-to-the-horizon_43498Hullo, gentle readers. So, as you now know, GeeksDreamGirl is closing its doors at the end of December. I received this news earlier in the month with sadness, because I’ve truly enjoyed writing these articles, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them.

Since many of my fellow GDG writers are writing final articles, it felt appropriate that I should do so as well. I wanted to start by looking back…

I Know Where We’ve Been

My first article went up on GDG on July 4, 2010 with an article contrasting being in the closet as a gamer with being in the closet as a homosexual. It was actually one of the first articles I pitched to e, and it was the article I wrote that got me the job. I was excited to write about gaming, gay issues, and anything else geekish that came down the pipe.

I started with a monthly column, and then went to a weekly column in October of the same year. So for over 3 years, I was writing an article a week, and a lot of great things happened in those three years, both for gay people and for geeks. I’ll always look back on this time with fondness.

My articles have been about the evolution of D&D, the ongoing fight for gay rights, particularly around marriage, the evolution of the Hobbit films, the launch of a new Superman film franchise, places to go on a date in Boston, and, most recently, a new D&D Next campaign.

Needing to come up with an article every week could be extremely difficult. Trying to think of something that fit into the confined of what I deemed appropriate to write about, and then having the discipline to sit down, write, find an appropriate image, and so on, could be quite challenging. I owe a debt of thanks to my husband, Steve, and my good friend, Jay, who let me bounce ideas off of them, sometimes suggested subjects of interest, and were generally encouraging as I wrote, edited, and grumbled.

What Can I Take Away from This?

One thing I’m certainly taking away from my experiences here is that I’m generally happier writing than not writing. When I have nothing to work on, I get bored and frustrated – much like when my games are on hiatus (stupid holidays, *grumble, grumble*). I also enjoyed the discipline of saying, “I need to come up with 500+ words on subject X before I let myself go out this weekend.” Most advice from writers is to make sure you’re constantly writing, perfecting your craft and voice. The habits I developed to make sure I stayed writing stood me in excellent stead when I sat down this year to write the novel that will serve as the long-awaited conclusion to Circles, the comic I started writing back in 2000.

I don’t want to lose that edge, so I intend to keep making myself write. My current plan is to continue writing on a weekly basis. But where?

So What’s Next?

I have had a Tumblr blog for some time at I was originally writing it as an extension of a website I had created many years ago called “The Happy Bear’s Guide to Life”, in which I posted thoughts, reviews, and more from the perspective of an actual bear keeping a blog. While I don’t intend to go back to that, I do intend to start posting on my blog again…or, at least, posting more than just random videos and such there.

Will I continue my Brave New World articles? Perhaps. Or maybe I’ll just post about how elements are going in my game whenever it starts. D&D Next may be slated to be published in the summer of 2014, but my 4E campaign is going strong, and I’m not going to just abandon it. So it may be a while before I do anything serious with Beyond the Borderlands.

One thing is for sure – I’ll keep writing. I may write a review of a restaurant, or talk about a trip I took (or am currently taking, thanks to the Internet), or how much I love a new TV show, or just a little short story. But I’ll keep writing. This isn’t the end for me, at all. And I hope that, if you enjoyed my writing, you’ll come meet me over on Tumblr, at least until I decide if it’s the most appropriate spot for my writing.

In Closing…

It has been a wild and wooly ride here, but one that’s been very valuable to me. I hope you’ve all enjoyed my writing, and I hope we’ll all meet again. All my best to you and yours, gentle readers.

- Andy/GGG

About GGG

Andy/GGG is a gay geek guy for sure. He's been playing D&D since he was 10, and he equates reading Tolkien with religion to some degree. He's a writer/developer for a Live Action RPG called The Isles, and he writes a comic called Circles, a gay, furry slice-of-life piece that comes out way too infrequently.

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