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What’s This Site About?

Geek Life & Geek Love. <– The short answer.

This site was started in February 2008 by E. Foley - that’s me! - as a labor of love. I wanted to have a place on the web where I could write about geeky things and use my writing skills to help single geeks find love.

The site has grown a lot since then, but the core mission is the same – help geeks find each other and fall in love.

We believe geeks are passionate, intelligent, and fun people
and that every geek deserves to have a partner that supports
their interests, even if they do not participate in them.

On our site, you’ll find articles about:

  • Dating, online dating, and relationships (with a geek bent) ((for all flavors of relationships))
  • Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and other RPGs
  • Working in geeky industries
  • Anime, manga, and otaku
  • Comic books, graphic novels, webcomics
  • Video games, movies, books
  • Geek nostalgia (we’re mostly children of the 80s here)
  • Conventions (mostly gaming conventions!
  • …and more!

Dating Profile Writing & Dating Coaching Services

If you are single and looking for a little nudge (or a big one!) to help your dating life, we offer a variety of services. Both E & LJ are crafty wordsmiths that can make your profile sound just like you wrote it, only shinier.

Things we can do for you:

If you’re not ready for one-on-one help just yet, we also have:

Our Staff

  • E (E. Foley), Head DreamGirl & Editor-in-Chief
  • LJ (Loretta Jean), Asst DreamGirl
  • J, Staff Writer
  • GGG (Andy, the Gay Geek Guy), Staff Writer
  • KK, Staff Writer
  • L, Staff Writer
  • M, Staff Writer
  • (retired) C, Staff Writer
  • (retired) D, Staff WRiter
  • (retired) MLV, Staff Writer
  • (retired) JLB (Jennifer Brozek), Staff Writer
  • (retired) TLA, Staff Writer
  • (retired) Z (Zabrina Way), Staff Writer

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