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Email Addresses

We require the use of your email address to post comments. However, we will never share your email address with any outside party. We may occasionally use your email address to contact you, most often for contest purposes, but sometimes to follow up privately on a posted comment.

Comments left with false or misleading email addresses will be sent to directly to spam. They will not pass go and will not collect $200.


You must use an actual name for your comments. It can be your real name, your nickname, your internet handle, your character’s name, your pen name. But it should be a name.

Examples of Names:

  • E
  • Pinky
  • GeeksDreamGirl
  • Mielka Dawnhammer

If you have a website or blog, you may format your name as such:

  • E – Geek’s Dream Girl
  • E (Geek’s Dream Girl)
  • E. Foley – Geek’s Dream Girl
  • E of Geek’s Dream Girl
  • E from Geek’s Dream Girl

You may not use keywords as your name. For example:

  • Geek Dating
  • Geek Matchmaking
  • Geek Love
  • Online Dating Profile Writer

Comments left with a keyword for a name are sent to spam 95% of the time. If it is an exceptionally good comment, the editorial staff may choose to remove your URL, change your name, or call you out for being a self-promoting douchebag. Perhaps all three.

Obvious Whoring

If your URL links to a site with adult content (or a splash page which then leads to adult content), your comment will most likely be sent to spam.

Unless it’s a good comment. In that case, we will strip the URL, change your email address by one character, and then approve your comment.  Thanks for the comment, but we really don’t want our site linking to things that are NSFW.

Play Nice Rules

We don’t mind healthy debate – in fact, we encourage you to share your views with our community. However, being nasty, rude, or attacking our writers or our other guests is unacceptable.

Your comment will most likely be deleted.  This serves as your warning. Should you stir up trouble again, you will be banned from commenting on our site.

Comment Privacy / Rights

All comments posted are automatically licensed under a Creative Commons license, and we may use them for promotional purposes. If we decide to use your comment for a commercial product, we will contact you for permission first.