E’s Gaming Convention Travels

Hi there!  Want to meet me?

I try to get out to conventions as much as time and finances allow, so here’s a list of some of the places I may be in the next year.  This convention schedule is tentative, but even if I’m not there, these are great gaming conventions that you should attend!

Convention Admins: I’d love to run geek dating events at your convention. Shoot me an email and let’s talk.

Signed Up for A Geek Dating Event?

Great! I look forward to meeting you. Here are the events I usually run:

  • Dating Doctor Clinic: One-on-one dating coaching. Want to chat about your dating profile? Get advice about your dating life? Need a new set of ears to listen to your relationship woes? I can help! 20 minutes of private coaching time.
  • Geek’s Guide to Online Dating Success: This seminar is for geeks interested in online dating, whether they’re newbies or old hats.  We’ll discuss choosing a site, writing a  magnetic profile, selecting the best pictures, writing those important first contact emails, and moving it into the real world!
  • Geek Speed Dating: (Ages 21+ only) Go on up to 20 mini-dates (3-5 minutes) with other geek singles in a fun and low-key environment. At the end of the event, give me your card with the list of people who interest you. If there’s mutual interest, I’ll get you matched up!  If not, no biggie – you met some new people and got better at dating. Win-win. Don’t be shy – sign up!

My Usual Calendar of Events