Affiliate Program


Let’s cut to the chase.  You think what I do is pretty cool and you wouldn’t mind earning some money by sending single geeks my way.

Sounds good to me!  Share the love!

Are you:

  • a blogger?
  • a website owner?
  • a Friendly Local Gaming Store owner?
  • a geek-niche business owner?
  • a friendly geek who loves to attend conventions?

The Geek’s Dream Girl Affiliate Program is for you.   Sign up today to be one of my minions and earn 20-50% for every paying customer!

Click here to sign up!

“What Do I Do?”

Got a website? Grab some banners below.  Attach your personalized affiliate link to your banners and you’ll start earning money with every new paying customer!

Got a FLGS or other geek shop? Use to shorten your affiliate link.   Then you can post up a notice in your shop, or print cards with your address on them to give out to your customers.

Friendly con goer? Use to shorten your affiliate link.   Then print yourself some free business cards with your address on them.  Hand ‘em out to the folks you meet!

(Con minions: Do not be obnoxious.  If I get a complaint from a con or con-goer about an obnoxious minion, you will be ousted from the program and not paid.  If I get fined because you were an idiot and plastered your cards all over the urinals of a convention center, my lawyer will be sure you pay the fine.  Be friendly, smart and cool and I’ll be happy and you’ll get money.)


If you’re using them for your site, please download them and host them on your own server.  Thanks!




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Shoot me an email – e AT geeksdreamgirl DOT com!