Geek’s Dream Girl Closing Shop 12/31/13


Geek Friends, This is a tough post to write. After a year of deep soul-searching, I've decided that it is time for me to move on from Geek's Dream Girl. I love you all, but it's gotten to the point where my life has other priorities and I haven't given GDG the attention it deserves in order to grow it as a business. December 31st will be the last day GDG will be around in its current state. The site will remain up for the archives and the ebook. Current clients will be served as per … [Read more...]

HOLIDAY SALE: 50% off our eBook and $20 off our Dating Profile Revision Service


Snuggle up with a special someone this holiday season! For December only, take 50% off our ebook: You Geek, They Grok: A Geek's Guide to Leveling Up Your Online Dating Game. It's a pretty awesome book at full price, but don't take my word for it: E. Foley speaks our language. demystifies the strange frontier of online dating for many geeks. It's a great read not just for the stereotypical ever-single geek, but for folks looking to broaden their social circles, recent divorcées, and … [Read more...]

Even More Dating Advice On SoulGeek: E Partners With Her Favorite Geek Dating Site


  I'm excited to announce that I've partned with Dino Andrade of I'll be serving as the SoulGeek Dating Coach and writing a weekly column. Check out the first installment on the SoulGeek blog and while you're there, sign up for a membership. Unlike most of the "geek dating" sites that pop up on the internet, SoulGeek is the real deal. It's founded by geeks, run by geeks, and populated with geeks. Most sites that are "geek dating" are really just a big dating company that … [Read more...]

E’s New Favorite Board Game: Lords of Waterdeep (and Scoundrels of Skullport Expansion)


For someone who is dating an award-winning board game designer, I have to admit that there aren't many board games that get me excited enough to want to play over and over again. I'm picky. Party games? Too goofy. Heavy games? Too many things to remember. Light games? Fun, but not enough to think about. That leaves a pretty small slice of board gaming that I enjoy. I love Lords of Waterdeep. A Vivid World and Story Attention was given to developing Waterdeep, its lords & ladies, and … [Read more...]

E’s Top Ten GenCon 2013 Memories

Handmade leather TARDIS hat, complete with working light. She was teaching a class on how to make your own leather hat. I have to remember to sign up next year.

It still feels like GenCon was last weekend. (This is my excuse for posting this three weeks later!) Seriously though, they don't call GenCon "The Best Four Days in Gaming" for nothing. For me, it's also The Best Four Days in Friendship. Cheesy? Yup. But true. Here are some of my favorite memories of GenCon, courtesy of my Instagram account. How about you? Do you have any GenCon memories you'd like to … [Read more...]

GenCon Bound: D&D, Speed Dating, and Knitting, oh my!

It's that time again! The best time of year for gamer guys and girls... GENCON! Woooo! (I am only a little bit excited.) I've actually cut back a little on my scheduled events this year in an attempt to, I dunno, do more gaming? So we'll see how it goes. I'm looking forward to playing games, running speed dating, and teaching a knitting class for the SPA crowd. Wednesday Arriving early afternoon. Dave(TheGame) & I are at the Westin, but we'll likely be hanging out in the JW lobby … [Read more...]

The E’s Car is Wrecked, Pay What You Want Sale!


There's your pic so you know it happened. Yup, I was a dumbass and apparently the cerulean blue sky convinced me there was not a garbage truck directly in front of me. *sigh* My car is at the shop, where they'll likely tell me it's going to cost much more than it's worth to fix it. Either way, it's gonna hurt. My Fail Is Your Lucky Day! Or Weekend... I've set my geek dating / online dating advice ebook to "Pay What You Want" status for an indefinite amount of time. So if you want to pay … [Read more...]

Email Etiquette: How To Approach Someone You’ve Put “On Hold”


Dating two people simultaneously is hard (and some would say, rude!). But how do you transition from an early relationship that didn't work out to the "second best" person? If you're new to online dating, it can be difficult knowing how to handle these situations. Don't worry. You're not alone!  Here's a great question that came in this week as a comment on our post titled, "To Write Or Not To Write." I sent a reply saying something similar to what you suggested: “You seem nice, but I’m … [Read more...]

We’re Hiring! Seeking Dating Profile Writer, Blogger, Geek Dating Coach


You heard right -- Geek's Dream Girl is hiring for a three month freelance contract position (June - August) with the possibility of extension for the right candidate. If chosen, your duties will include: 1-2 weekly blog posts on subjects like: online dating, writing a dating profile, improving your dating profile, geek dating, 1st dates, choosing a dating site, first contact emails, getting from 1st email to first date. The sky's the limit, but our goal is to help geeks get more … [Read more...]

GIVEAWAY: Win a Copy of Foodist by Food Geek, Darya Pino Rose

Foodist Cover

TL;DR: Want to win a copy of an awesome book that will teach you how to lose weight without feeling like you're suffering? Leave a comment below. We'll randomly select two comments to receive a free copy of Foodist. Darya & I "met" on the intarwebz what feels like eons ago. I am a huge fan of her blog,, and have even contributed to it a few times. (The most popular one is my post on how I broke free of my diet soda addiction.) Darya's passion for fresh food is contagious. … [Read more...]