Brave New World 3 – Hope You Guess My Name


Ah, Gentle Readers, I return, at last, to the world I’m creating for a D&D Next campaign. In my previous articles (1, 2, I began my work by coming up with a feel for the game (a points of light model, based loosely on Medieval Europe influenced by the Interregnum period of the Holy Roman Empire) and deciding to use an old blank, pre-made map as the beginnings of my campaign’s geography. I’m lacking some things I normally like to have in place, like a name for the campaign or an … [Read more...]

Old School, New School


During the recent Acquisitions Incorporated audio podcast, Jerry Holkins notes that he feels that D&D Next is a return to the “Old Ways”. “They break your shit, and they steal your HP.” “The Old Ways were dark,” agrees Patrick Rothfuss, whose character was dead at the time. Maybe it’s because of this, or maybe it’s the growing influence of D&D Next in my gaming consciousness, but the recent dungeon being explored in my 4E game had something my players hadn’t really seen in a while. … [Read more...]

Old Monsters, New Story


Hullo, Gentle Readers. In my Seowyn’s Crossing campaign, there’s the underlying concept of the Old Ones. The Old Ones are a race that existed before humankind, and their great civilization disappeared completely. Now, my players explore occasional Old Ones ruins, seeking magical treasures, but fearing the devious traps and magical menaces that may have been left behind. An old story trope, yes? Well, I use this trope to take monsters that I might’ve had little investment, or little story … [Read more...]

Spectator Sport

Something fascinating has been happening every year for the last few years at the PAX Prime convention in Seattle. A huge auditorium of fans has gathered to watch a quartet of funny folks play D&D. It started with an audio podcast where Jerry Holkins & Mike Krahulik of Penny Arcade and Scott Kurtz of PVP got together to play some 4th Edition D&D under two different DMs. They were soon joined by Wil Wheaton as their fourth player and Chris Perkins as their regular DM. From the … [Read more...]

Great Dates in Fifty States: Boston & Environs – Part 4


Here we are at last, Gentle Readers – the last article in my marathon series about great sites to take a date in and around Boston. We now move from Beantown itself out to the rest of the surrounding locales. Although Boston may be the Hub of the Universe, there are some nearby spots along its “spokes” that deserve a look. Witch City In 1692, a mania struck the little town of Salem Village. The causes of it are well-documented, and I won’t go through a lengthy explanation here. For our … [Read more...]

Great Dates in Fifty States: Boston and Environs – Part Three

battle green monument

Well met, Gentle Readers. After taking a hiatus to discuss other matters, I return to my four part article discussing great date ideas in Boston and the surrounding area. It may seem strange to contemplate patriotic locales when planning a date, but if you have someone who’s really into Americana, or people from out of town who’re interested in local history, there are worse moves than exploring some of the famous locales Boston has to offer. Not all of the places I’m about to write about … [Read more...]

To Disney Infinity and Beyond!


So, I need distractions like I need a hole in the head, but we got a new game this week that’s intensely distracting. Disney’s much anticipated Disney Infinity is finally here. If you’re not aware of this game, it uses much the same technology as the popular Skylanders game. The game comes with a special base unit, and, when you place real figurines on the base, they translate into the game, allowing you to play that particular monster or character. In this case, however, the figurines are of … [Read more...]

GGG Game Review – Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Hullo, Gentle Readers. No, I’m not stopping my World-Building articles, but I’m a little distracted. You see, I am notoriously not a video game player. Yes, I play a few MMORPGs, and I love the Ultima series of computer games, but actual video games, especially on a platform or a hand-held machine, are a rarity for me to want to play. So it may surprise you to know that I went out and bought a Nintendo 3DS specifically so that I could play Animal Crossing: New Leaf (ACNL). I played the … [Read more...]

Brave Next World 2 – Don’t Know Much About Geography


Welcome back, Gentle Readers. This is the second in a series of articles about designing a new world, one which I intend to use specifically for D&D Next. In the first article, I mentioned my usual starting processes and outlined the basic feel of the campaign – medieval Europe with a sort of “points of light” aspect, deliberately recalling times like the Interregnum period of the Holy Roman Empire and the Anarchy period of England, when there were no strong central powers, and many people … [Read more...]

Brave Next World – What’s It All About?

8-2-2013 12-45-39 AM

Hullo, Gentle Readers. Your GGG here again. I still haven’t gotten around to writing more about the patriotic wonders of the Boston area, because I’ve become, shall we say, distracted with an idea for a new project. I am something of a compulsive world developer. As new iterations of D&D have come along, I’ve created a world specifically for that edition, drawing on what speaks to me about that edition. I had my Wardome Campaign, which lasted from Basic D&D into Advanced D&D 1 … [Read more...]