He Said, She Said: Up the Mountain, Down the Hill

Money, money, money! It all boils down to that I suppose. From all my companions, only my wife gave her money to the city. She kept a really little amount for her so that she could buy some equipment. It seems that I have been too hasty; I should have done the same. She thinks much more than me about these details. This is why I love her that much. We were still doing all our work for the town when Shynte, our drow companion (as it seems he is now), comes back from his assignment to tell us … [Read more...]

Hybban’s Geek Review: GM Gems by Goodman Games

Welcome to another Geek Review by Hybban, Mielka's DM. Prior to the edition of new 4E modules for their Dungeon Crawl Classics line, Goodman Games published three edition-free books this summer.   Let’s review those, beginning with the first one published : GM Gems. This 64 page book, available in PDF or paperback, gives tools for the GM/DM that will allow him to flesh out his fantasy games.  Sure, we are playing Dungeons & Dragons, but there's a lot more to the game than dungeons and … [Read more...]

He Said She Said: Never Leave Your Group Without A Leader

Never leave your group alone. When you say that you want to assume the part of the leader in a group, you have to be there at all time. You see, I was still working on the fortifications for Almraiven, when the group came to me, saying things about going out or whatever.  I was really deeply involved in a conversation with some officers to set up the watches and the pairs between wizards and soldiers and I hadn't time.  I was sure that my wife would oversee that everything was fine … [Read more...]

He Said, She Said: Fortification of Almraiven

The wizards of Almraiven have given me the following task: Because of your knowledge of warfare, you have been asked to join the city guard to help strengthen their defenses.  In the process, you will learn more about the Genasi battle tactics, their leadership structure and desert warfare. … [Read more...]

Hybban’s Geek Reviews: Engineering Dungeons by Troll Lord Games

Engineering Dungeons Editor: Troll Lord Games Author: Robert Doyel Series: Castles and Crusades / Generic Format: 28 pages, paperback or PDF, black and white. For those who don't know, Troll Lord Games is a small independent editor that publishes Castles & Crusades (C&C), a d20 game with a strong AD&D1 flavor.  In the last years of his life, Gary Gygax worked for them and wrote a number of books and games.  For those who don't know, Gary Gygax is... No, just kidding! … [Read more...]

He Said, She Said: Sent By A Higher Power

So here we are, in a distant land if not another world, branded, sold, considered like goods… But at least I’m with my wife and the companions that we met in Punjar, all but the drow.  And the one that replaced him is not going to be a friend.  While he is dealing with the papers, we have some time to consider what we may want to do.  I’d like to take on this dark elf, but my companions consider that without weapons it’s not an option.  I’d rather die fighting, even without a weapon than being a … [Read more...]

He Said, She Said: Slaves In A Foreign World

Cold.  Feeling of cold stone on my naked skin.  Memories of the sky swallowing me.  Nausea.  Must fight nausea.  I feel weak, and then I realize the terrible smell there mixing sweat, excrement, urine, and mold.  The nausea must come from here.  I don't dare opening my eyes, but there are no sounds that I can make out.  I decide to look around and realize that I'm naked in what seems to be a small and crude cell.  This explains the smells.  I see a faint door through the bars and decide to see … [Read more...]

He Said, She Said: Into the Hornet’s Nest…

Finally, we have made it to Punjar.  I thought the travel would never end. Hundreds of miles, traveling with caravans, fending off bandits and wild beasts... Kord, I need a bath.  A hot bath.  Joelle would need one too.. Some time together in a hot tub would help forget the travel. Hopefully the address given by friends in my hometown is still an hospitable place: The Glorious Lady.  It's said to be owned by two nice dwarves: Flint & Brunhilda.  It is located in a quarter named The … [Read more...]

He Said, She Said: Meet Andric Al’Maera, Part 2

My two brothers came to me and held me in their arms.  I could see their eyes full of tears that they tried to suppress.  They were sad to see me go away, but they knew that reading was not enough for me, that I wanted to see the world, see things that I wouldn’t see in this town.  No words were said.  After a few minutes, I left them, ran to the farm, grabbed my things and joined the army.  I didn’t say a word to my parents as I knew I wouldn’t be able to leave if I met with them. So I … [Read more...]

He Said, She Said: Meet Andric Al’Maera, Part 1

This is awkward, me grabbing this pen to tell you my story... Let's face it; I've never been good with these things.   Oh sure, I can write about military maneuvers, but telling my life, my story.   Of course this is Joelle's idea, not mine, and what a woman wants... you know the saying... This is not the good start and I think I have to begin with my actual story, and how I happened to meet with the woman that shares my adventures. I was born a little more than 24 years ago, in a small … [Read more...]