Jack-o-Lanterns: Gearing Up to Geek Out


We're already in the thick of fall, and I've had my Halloween decorations (small though they may be) out for days already.  Maybe this is part of the continuing "I'm getting so old!" theme, but I've noticed I've had to adjust my expectations for Halloween over the years.  I'm obviously not of trick-or-treating age anymore, and actually, as an adult, I've never actually been visited by trick-or-treaters (I'm told malls and parking lots are the places to do this now.  So weird).  Most of the … [Read more...]

Who History: New Developments in Missing Episodes


After waiting so long for the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, time has seemingly sped up and it's almost crept up on me!  Even if you're staunchly avoiding spoilers and speculation, there's still plenty of Who-related news to be had: The anniversary will be simulcast in many countries, including on BBCAmerica in the US (I'm just assuming they're going to work out that East Coast/West Coast thing this one time).  Additionally, select theaters will be showing 3D versions of the Anniversary … [Read more...]

Saying Goodbye: The Good and the Bad of TV Finales


The fall TV season may just be beginning, but fans have been saying goodbye to some of their very favorite shows.  After years of intense drama, the shows Dexter and Breaking Bad have finally come to an end.  I'm not going to spoil the details of either finale, but let's just say that fan reaction has been a study in contrast: Opinions of the Dexter finale have ranged from disgust to a simple "good riddance," thanks more to the last few seasons than just one episode.  On the other hand, most … [Read more...]

More Than Bill Nye: A Primer for Dancing with the Stars


For the past several years, I've had a bit of a guilty pleasure.  Well, half-guilty anyway; everyone is entitled to a bit of junk food TV.  I don't typically watch reality or competitive reality TV - I've never seen a full season of American Idol, despite knowing people who have tried out - but I have seen most seasons of Dancing with the Stars. It's not even an unusual leap for me to make, actually.  I've always appreciated those more athletic and graceful than myself - gymnasts, dancers, … [Read more...]

Wizards, Witches, and Warner Bros, Oh My


For someone who didn't read a Harry Potter book until college, I'm a pretty big fan.  Doesn't matter that I didn't grow up with the series; I love reading the books, watching the films, sinking into the cozy world of wizards and owls and manageable mischief.  Christmas, particularly, is a time when I feel compelled to fire up the DVD player and the John Williams soundtrack. Alas, the books and movies had to come to an end eventually.  And over the past year or so, it seems the scope of the … [Read more...]

PAX: East vs Prime


This year I was fortunate to be able to attend both PAX East and PAX Prime - something that I imagine ushers in the Age of Aquarius and won't be seen again for some time.  I've attended a few years of East, but this was my first time at Prime, and I was curious: how would the two compare?  Is Prime really the mother of all PAXes? Well, just like any convention, my experience was wholly subjective and based on my personal interests, my general health, the wind chill factor, and so on.  Still, … [Read more...]

PAX Prime Panel: Fantasia: Music Evolved


I've attended PAX East for the past few years, but this year I had the opportunity to attend the mother-con, PAX Prime.  Though there are dozens of panels to choose from, there was one caught my attention immediately: a panel about a collaboration between Harmonix and Disney's Fantasia.  Though I obviously knew about the other big Disney game of the year, I hadn't heard about this at all (I suppose my attention was diverted during E3).  But as a woman who loves Disney, loves Harmonix, loves … [Read more...]

The Things We Leave Behind: Why?


A long time ago (the 1990s), when I was a freshman in high school, I decided to carry a McDonald's Happy Meal plastic pumpkin pail as a purse/pencil box.  I have no idea what possessed me to do this, but I thought it was adorable and funny (baby irony, I suppose).  When it was no longer the Halloween season, I spotted a tin Sailor Moon lunchbox at a store I loved.  I carried some form of lunchbox for the remainder of high school. Even as I write this, I cringe.  I associate the lunchbox purse … [Read more...]

Video Game: The Ultra-Super-Special Edition


I recall a time, in the distant past, wherein it was a big deal to purchase a video game console and games.  Most of us mere mortals were content with that experience alone, but as with most technology, it quickly grew more diverse, more personal.  More expensive. For example, I didn't just have a Sega Game Gear - I had a cool carrying case for the device and the games, as well as the AC adaptor that tethered me to the wall whilst freeing me from mounds of spent batteries.  Soon, you could … [Read more...]

No One Likes a Water Level


The other day, I came to a realization: in World of Warcraft, I enjoy "visiting" old zones from time to time.  The music (yes, I'm one of the few who listen to the actual music) takes me back to wherever I was in my life when I first spent a lot of time there.  Since I've been playing the game, off and on, for well over five years, I'm not just looking back to last week.  I enjoy a bit of nostalgia now and then. ...Except when it comes to Vashj'ir.  I can't stand going back there.  In fact, I … [Read more...]