A Fond Farewell to Geek’s Dream Girl

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Once upon a time, three years ago, a nervous young writer named M was just starting out on her freelance career,  looking for odd jobs to earn a few bucks and build her portfolio. She didn’t really know what to do. She wasn’t a medical writer, didn’t have a background in marketing, and wasn’t really into traditional journalism. The one thing she knew was how to be a geek, and an otaku at that… her time in anime clubs had given way to actual work in the anime and manga industries, when she wasn’t … [Read more...]

Anime, MMORPGs, and PvP (Psychopaths very Present!)


In my recent efforts to spend more time watching anime, I've been watching two series - the currently-running Log Horizon and 2012's popular series Sword Art Online - with themes that, at first glance, seem quite similar: the idea of MMORPG players being drawn into the world of the game and then mysteriously trapped there. Think along the lines of the entire World of Warcraft player base getting stuck in Azeroth the next time they log in, and you kinda get the idea. At closer inspection, the … [Read more...]

In-Console-able: Review of Aoi Sekai no Chuushin De (aka the Console War anime)

aoi sekai chuushin de

Loyal readers may remember that, about a year ago, I wrote an article about my top 5 pick for weirdest anime concepts ever. Number two on the list was Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de, a medieval fantasy anime based around, of all things, the classic console wars between Nintendo and Sega during the ‘90s. All the characters were loose parodies or personifications of the various franchises both companies were known for, made into magical heroes locked in a deadly faction struggle. Well, with the Xbox … [Read more...]

First Episodes, First Impressions: Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club


Fanservice… it’s not just for male otaku any more. In my earlier article on straight female fanservice moments in geek culture, I mentioned that I held off on including anime and manga as it had a much better track record in showing off “hawt menz” than Western media. But even with a long and storied history of willowy bishonen who sparkle and make smoldering bedroom eyes at the heroine/the camera/each other, never has anime fanservice for the straight gals and gay guys been this… um… … [Read more...]

Great Dates in 50 States (And Spain!) – Barcelona

Sagrada Familia

Hello there readers! Yours truly just got back from a month long vacation to Spain and is raring to get back to anime and gaming... once the trip squee is over! During my travels, I spent a week in Barcelona, and it struck me how many great places there are it was for dates, so to contribute to the recent run of Great Dates in 50 States - and because geeks looking for love travel too! - I thought I’d give my tourist two cents for those romantic geeks living in the city or planning to visit … [Read more...]

Evolution vs. Revolution: A Tale of Two Anime Conventions

Anime revolution - GoToVan flickr stream

I have a first world problem: all my friends went to PAX, and I didn't. Unfortunately, this year, my favorite convention fell on the same weekend as my mother's 75th birthday, so I decided early on to give it a miss. Naturally, this was a signal for all of the colleagues and friends I've made at past GDCs and industry events to make this the year they went to PAX, so not only did I miss out on seeing them again, but my Twitter feed was pretty much pure PAX joy that I didn't get to partake in. … [Read more...]

First Episode, First Impressions: Servant X Service Episode 1

servant x service

I know what you’re probably thinking, but no… despite its title, Servant x Service is NOT a pervy show about sexy maids and/or butlers. I’m as surprised as you, frankly… knowing what I do about anime, titles, suggestive ecchi, and maid fetishes, it seems like it would be an obvious combination. But Servant x Service is about a very different kind of servant: civil servants. In First Episodes, First Impressions, we take a look at the slice-of-life comedy that delves into the world of Japan’s … [Read more...]

Mecha Anime, the Movie: Review of Pacific Rim


Huh. So apparently, Hollywood is making anime now. Oh, don't be fooled. Pacific Rim might look like it's a live action Hollywood movie, with its Guillermo del Toros and Idris Elbas and Ron Perlmans. But at its heart, it is 100% grade A mecha anime. Add to that a heaping helping of classic kaiju movies and silly summer blockbusters, and it's a perfect storm of geeky interests. Yet for some reason, Pacific Rim has not been doing as well as people expected, despite a huge amount of positive … [Read more...]

I Am A Gamer: My First Game Jam, and How You Can Survive Yours

iamagamer my pic

If you are a gamer, particularly one interested in indie gaming, you've probably heard of game jams, events where game developers of varying discipline and experience are challenged to produce a game with a particular theme within a 48 hour period. The idea is to get the creative juices flowing and produce something that is, if not exactly polished, a fun, unique, and hopefully original take on the theme. One such jam, the iamagamer.ca jam for strong female protagonists, took place in … [Read more...]

IMPROVe Your Roleplaying: 5 Tips from Synaptic Chaos Theatre

Logo for Synaptic Chaos Theatre

There always seems to be a sort of overlap between geeks and improv theatre. Most geeks I know are huge fans of improv shows like Whose Line Is It Anyway, and many people have described tabletop roleplaying as, “improv with dice and spreadsheets.”  There are even geeky improv groups, coming out to cons and other events to provide a dose of Whose Line is it Anime or other nerd-flavored comedy. I recently had the opportunity to attend a seminar led by one such geek improv group, the funny guys … [Read more...]