It Gets A Little Better All The Time

It Gets Better

My husband Steve poked me one day and said, “You should do a column about the It Gets Better project.” The moment he said it, I knew I’d be writing this column. If you’re not already familiar with it, go visit the YouTube page. This project, started by Dan Savage of the infamous “Savage Love” advice column, is an attempt to reach out to gay kids who’re experiencing harassment in school and say, “Look…this is a really hard part of your life, but it gets better.” My Own Experiences I was very … [Read more...]

Paws for Reflection: On The Furry Fandom

photo by marchnwe

In my replies to comments about my “Nothin’ in My Closet” article, I outed myself…bum bum BUM! Well, you all already knew I was gay, and a geek, so I outed myself as a Furry! *gasp!* That didn’t seem to make you all stop reading my pieces, so maybe some of the stigma has died down. In fact, the redoubtable E asked if I’d be willing to write a piece on being a Furry. Since I’m always glad to advocate for a fandom I’m part of, I said yes. How I Became a Bear…Literally First, a wee bit of … [Read more...]

DreamGUY Introduction: Andy the Gay Guy Geek


Howdy, folks, from your very own GGG. Now, you may be wondering who this fellow is, this individual who has managed to capture the coveted spot of the Gay Guy Geek. Is he some waifish wunderkind, ready to regale you with sardonic stories of difficult dating and absurd alliteration? Perhaps he’ll be telling you about the latest twists and turns of the club scene? Mm. Not so much. I’m 40-something, bearish, happily married, and something of a teetotaler to boot. Yes, I’m married - to a guy, … [Read more...]

The +5 CHA Community (AKA #fit4gencon and YOUR favorite con, too!)

Big news! You've probably seen the #fit4gencon movement if you follow geeky folks on Twitter. We use it when we're talking about our healthstyle - eating better, working out, etc. But there were folks who felt left out. They said, "I don't/can't go to GenCon, but I want to be a part of this super cool idea!" Introducing... The +5 CHA Community! Check out our (very) new digs at plus5CHA, where we have our very own, 100% private members-only forum for geeks looking to get … [Read more...]

Geek’s Dream Girl Events at GenCon Indy 2010

GenCon is almost upon us! AAAAAAAAA! It seemed so far away for so long and now it's here! Yikes. There's a LOT going on with me at GenCon this year, so here's my schedule for your benefit (and mine!). Key: E is running this event E is a panelist/player E is an audience member Wednesday 8/4 8:00 pm - ??? Drunken D&D with various RPG bloggers (location TBA) Thursday 8/5 9:00 am - 11:00 am Dating Doctor Clinic, Marriott Phoenix (tickets available) The doctor is … [Read more...]

We’re On Vacation Because We Love Our Clients


The business side of Geek's Dream Girl is on vacation through July 23rd. We'll be finishing up any current clients during this time, but not taking on any new clients. We're sorry if you desperately need your online dating profile written right now, but really, this is for your benefit. You see, I recently had mono.  I was really, really sick, and tried my best to keep on top of my day job duties from home (since that's my main source of income).  Geek's Dream Girl was pushed to the back … [Read more...]

Cooking Is As Easy As Being a DungeonMaster

Farmers Market Haul for 7/4: Squash Blossoms, Passport Melon, Tomatoes, Okra, Potatoes, Corn, Pattypan Squash, Onions....

It's funny how predictably this happens. As part of my healthstyle, I've been cooking a lot of meals at home using ingredients fresh from the farmers market. And every time I tweet about something I'm cooking, I get responses like this: WHOA! How did you DO THAT? That looks AMAZING! I wish I could cook awesome things like that. I don't think I could ever learn how to cook stuff that looks that delicious. That must have taken forever to make! And every time I see these … [Read more...]

Dreamgirl Introductions: Meet Z


Okay, I'll admit it. The reason I didn't write this bio a few days ago like I'd planned was because I was procrastinating by playing Runescape. (Don't hate me. I know, I know, WoW graphics and gameplay are better. But I'm almost at one million gold for the first time and I don't want to abandon my character after so long!), this is pretty typical moment for me, actually. Hi! I'm z, the last letter of the dreamgirl alphabet. Because I'm terrible at rambling about myself (it always … [Read more...]

Guide to Stalking E at Origins Game Fair 2010

On the road again... I'm at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio this weekend, getting my geek on in a major way. But I'm also there on business, both of my own and for ThinkGeek (my amazing day job). ThinkGeek Stuff Finding me may yield cash and prizes! Okay, not cash. But perhaps prizes if you're a lucky duck. Each morning when I leave my hotel, I will pack my bag full of ThinkGeek items.  Should you find me while I still have some, you can have one. I will also have the new … [Read more...]

Dreamgirl Introductions: Meet C


My name is C. Well, actually, it’s Connie Thomson. I also answer to my internet handle, Ariel Manx (you get a cookie if you know where that name comes from!). Regardless of what you call me, I’m Girl Thursday here at Geek’s Dream Girl. The short bio of my life is that I’m a farm kid from North Dakota who dreamed of being a writer, and now that’s what I do. But I took a long and winding path to get here. My geekiness extends clear back to childhood. Even as a little girl I had a fanfic … [Read more...]