He Said, She Said: Not Sure We Should Have Done That

Just when I thought all was lost and my husband was trapped with some unknown evil on the other side of a sealed door, I remember my new robe's power.  I pull it tightly around me and close my eyes. In a woosh, I teleport through the wall and into the room. I find my husband and friends in an encounter with what appears to be some sort of vampire lord.   About the only thing going well for us is the fact that he apparently can't move beyond these two fire pots in the front of the room. I … [Read more...]

He Said, She Said: Finish Blackie’s Quest?

The next thing I remember is waking up to Andric healing me and patching up my wounds. "What do we do with the drow?"  I hear someone ask. I suggest we shove him in the bag of holding, but Robinn revives the blackie, who immediately turns tail and leaves.  We wonder if we should even bother to finish this quest since it was HIS quest. "I'm going to finish this," says Robinn. "Does anybody ELSE have a vendetta here?" the ninja asks. … [Read more...]

He Said, She Said: Up the Mountain, Down the Hill

Money, money, money! It all boils down to that I suppose. From all my companions, only my wife gave her money to the city. She kept a really little amount for her so that she could buy some equipment. It seems that I have been too hasty; I should have done the same. She thinks much more than me about these details. This is why I love her that much. We were still doing all our work for the town when Shynte, our drow companion (as it seems he is now), comes back from his assignment to tell us … [Read more...]

He Said, She Said: Don’t Mess With The Wizard

(Disclaimer: The racism of Joelle the half-elf wizard is in no way a reflection of the personal beliefs of her player.) After much arguing about what to do with the money, some of us (*cough* my husband *cough*) decide to give all the money to the town.  I'm going to keep 8500 of mine and give the rest to Almraiven. Sitting in the inn, I feel my coin purse shifting and my first instinct is to whip my staff back to smack whoever is behind me. There's nobody there, but the blackie looks … [Read more...]

He Said She Said: Never Leave Your Group Without A Leader

Never leave your group alone. When you say that you want to assume the part of the leader in a group, you have to be there at all time. You see, I was still working on the fortifications for Almraiven, when the group came to me, saying things about going out or whatever.  I was really deeply involved in a conversation with some officers to set up the watches and the pairs between wizards and soldiers and I hadn't time.  I was sure that my wife would oversee that everything was fine … [Read more...]

He Said, She Said: Rocks like Cotton Candy

My hubby is off fortifying the city and training folks.  The darkie is off in Memnon making some contacts that will supposedly benefit us.  Robinn has returned from a nearby human settlement that he is certain would go down if attacked.  I chat a bit about the magic of Toril, but my thoughts are with my husband.  It's rare that we don't eat together. An Almraiven guard comes in to talk with us.  There's a skirmish of sorts just outside town and he's hoping that we could investigate.  He leads … [Read more...]

He Said, She Said: Fortification of Almraiven

The wizards of Almraiven have given me the following task: Because of your knowledge of warfare, you have been asked to join the city guard to help strengthen their defenses.  In the process, you will learn more about the Genasi battle tactics, their leadership structure and desert warfare. … [Read more...]

He Said, She Said: Sent By A Higher Power

So here we are, in a distant land if not another world, branded, sold, considered like goods… But at least I’m with my wife and the companions that we met in Punjar, all but the drow.  And the one that replaced him is not going to be a friend.  While he is dealing with the papers, we have some time to consider what we may want to do.  I’d like to take on this dark elf, but my companions consider that without weapons it’s not an option.  I’d rather die fighting, even without a weapon than being a … [Read more...]

He Said, She Said: Wizard Training

Since it appears the gods want us to be in Almraiven to help the people of Calimshan, my only course of action is to learn whatever I can about the magic of this world. All I can say is that it feels different than the magic of Aereth.  There are some things that are similar, but others that are so different. It's hard to explain in words. The wizards of Almraiven wanted me to teach them of the magic of Aereth and in return they would teach me of the magic of Toril.   It only seemed … [Read more...]

He Said, She Said: Wizards of Almraiven

After some discussion, we realize escape will not happen in a strange city when we are unarmed.  In the morning, the guards come and take us to a dressing area, where we are given light armor.   We're put in hand and ankle manacles and loaded into a cart driven by that awful drow that bought us. Andric asks where he's taking us and he replies gruffly that we're being taken to our masters. "Who's our master?" my husband asks. "Look at your arm," the drow snaps. … [Read more...]