Thanks, AvatarArt! Mielka is Perfect!

Who is your favorite chubby redheaded valley girl dwarf? Mielka! I finally decided that it was about time for Mielka to have her portrait done, so I went to the experts at They did such great work on all the Expy pictures for Yax over at DungeonMastering! Turns out, I got $5 off for mentioning that! Woot! I gave them the description of Mielka and in a little bit, they sent me an initial sketch and asked for feedback. She needed to be a little fatter. She also had an … [Read more...]

Moradin’s Lass: A Never-Ending Stream of Orcs

Drash is gone.  I'd tell you where he went and why he left, but we don't know.   He gave us no warning and left us no clues.  It's kinda rude, honestly.  What's up with that? I thought he liked us, but I guess not.  Here's to hoping we can find ourselves another big boy soon.  The rest of us bleed kinda easy, y'know? Oh well, Moradin will provide! I don't know why, but thinking about Moradin providing reminds me of a song I learned from the priests when I was a young girl: Moradin loves … [Read more...]

Moradin’s Lass: Where’d The Slaves Go?

With our burly town guard reinforcements in tow, we go back to the monastery to try to rescue more of the prisoners.   We leave five outside and take five inside with us, leaving them at the entrance to the lower level where we found the slave pens. While searching the area we find a gold and ruby ring and a silver holy symbol.   I turn it over in my hands.  It looks like a good one, not evil or anything.  At least it doesn't feel evil.  Not that I've really touched evil things to compare.  … [Read more...]

Moradin’s Lass: Helion’s Bloodlust

The next day, we speak to Lady Chauntessa and find that she's updated Quintus already about the situation with the slavers.  We decide to go to Mr. Silverheel's place first with the charcoal rubbings we did of the door with the runes. "My friends!" he exclaims.  "You're back!  I have news for you.  I know what this is!" He holds up the map we found in the ruins.  "This is a place you should go - it's Castle Whiterock - I'm pretty sure of that!" He explains that Castle Whiterock is a place … [Read more...]

Moradin’s Lass: Black Bird, Black Night…

We move further through the monastery, through a secret door and into a room with skeletons.  I'm in the back of the group and by the time I get up to the room, they've already killed them.  I throw out some sparkles and blast one to death. There are iron double doors on one side of the room.  They're really heavy.  Really heavy.  There's a wooden door closer to us that's been forced open.  The door on the third wall is stone and set into the wall.  There's glittering runes on it in some sort … [Read more...]

Moradin’s Lass: More Fun Than a Tent Sale

So there we were with a tent falling on us and Moradin knows how many people attached to those feet sounds we heard outside.  Drash slashes at the tent, makes a hole, and jumps out. "What's out there?" I ask. I hear the crackle of Drash's lightning breath. "Two more approaching from the north and west," he shouts. I hear a slashing as another weapon rips through the tent.  I jump out the hole Drash made and stand next to him, throwing sparkles at the evil "monk".   He tries to hit me … [Read more...]

Moradin’s Lass: Lookin’ for Help in All The Wrong Places

So I'd just like to say that I'm still feeling kinda woozy after being all brought back from the dead.  It's kinda like that feeling when you know you're coming down with a cold - just kinda weak and fuzzy-minded, I guess.  Well, more fuzzy-minded than usual. By the time we get back into town after our crystal cleansing, we're pretty tired.  But we gotta go to the store and pick out some armor for our dragonborn, because apparently scales AND scalemail aren't enough to keep him from bleeding … [Read more...]

Moradin’s Lass: Tuesdays with Moradin

So there I am, having an ale with Moradin, warming myself by the Great Forge, and he's just about to tell me about my destiny when I feel myself being pulled away. I'd like to say that this is what ale must feel like when the tap is turned and it gets sucked out of the keg.  I'm being drawn away from the warmth and comfort at Moradin's side... Where am I going?  What's going on?  Why am I so cold?  WHY AM I NAKED? OH DEAR MORADIN, WHERE THE HECK AM I AND WHY AM I NAKED? … [Read more...]

Moradin’s Lass… is Dead.

We wake up in our camp in the hallway.  I'd just like to say that a bedroll is not so comfortable and the stench of mushrooms in this place is pretty bad.  Oh well. The door at the end of the hall opens into a room with glowing blue crystals and runes on the floor.  We tiptoe in, weapons drawn.  We don't feel like being attacked again.  The crystals seem to have drawings in them - pretty cool! - but we can't make out what they are, really. All of the sudden - whoa!! - the floor starts to … [Read more...]

Moradin’s Lass: Tip-Toe Through the Hummus… I mean, humus?

We get to a big scary silver door with a big scary silver head with a big scary silver open mouth.  It's locked. There's a skeleton hand coming out of a rubbly bit of the wall.  I'm not sure how whoever the skeleton was got stuck in the wall, but either way.  Wall, bony hand, oh, and a scroll.  There's a scroll in there.  You'd think maybe that would be important... … [Read more...]