PAX 10 in 10 Words (Give or take 10,000)

Cannon Brawl

Amid all the giant booths and AAA titles demanding our attention at PAX Prime, it’s easy to miss the smaller, indie titles nestled away in the corners and nooks and crannies of the expo hall… which is a shame, as some of the best and brightest people are doing amazing work! Luckily, PAX does do its best to celebrate these unsung heroes; thus the PAX 10, a yearly collection of some of the best indie titles in development and release. I interviewed many of this year’s developers about their games, … [Read more...]

I Want To Have Dungeon Bastard’s Babies

Dungeon Bastard

(Sorry, Dave.) I love Dungeon Bastard. His videos are well-written, impeccably done, and downright hilarious. If you don't subscribe to his channel on YouTube, go do that now. His newest "Ask The Bastard" is on Edition Wars and he echoes my feelings on the subject: "Does it have dragons? Does it have dungeons? I want to play it!" … [Read more...]

Why Men Are Online Dating Failures (Short Video)


Amazing video. I love Evan Marc Katz, he's been an inspiration to me from the moment I stepped on the online dating biz scene. This video is 2 minutes of pure gold and a must-watch for single guys and girls. I will add there's another possible reason why that guy hasn't moved forward: he's petrified that you'll reject him. (Still.) I have clients who will exchange several emails with a girl and it's obvious that she's digging him but they'll still be afraid to make the next … [Read more...]

YouTube Goodies: Love Bytes

This is a cute short film about a possible future of online dating. What if online dating profiles came with a "truth button"? … [Read more...]

Arcane Power: E’s Top Five Fun Ways To Roleplay a Wizard

This is it, folks! We've reached the final installment of the Top Five Fun Ways to Roleplay characters using the new goodies from Arcane Power! This is part of a weeklong series dedicated to the release of the newest book in the Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition collection. Don’t forget to check the previous posts on the Bard, Sorcerer, Swordmage, and Warlock. Have you had fun? I have! Let's delve into the Wizard!  The wizard has new arcane implements (new orb option and TOME!), … [Read more...]

Video Goodies: Don’t Bring Your DM on a Blind Date

Funny Videos | Funny Cartoons | More Video Clips … [Read more...]

Spring Break Bard Contest: Win a D&D 4e PHB2!

Lookie what I have! (A new haircut.  Highlights.  A blanket behind me.  Yes, I know.) Oh yes, and a PHB2. I've breathed on it and hugged it and I'm going to GIVE IT AWAY to one of you. Just enter the Spring Break Bard contest to get your chance to win! … [Read more...]

The Education System Kills Creativity

Got this link via one of my Facebook friends.  It made me laugh and (nearly) cry because it's so true.  Ken Robinson speaks about the education system: What do you think?  Is our education system and our need to diagnose and medicate our children until they fit in the box of "good students" killing the creativity of our society? … [Read more...]

Recluses, Role-Players, and the Hopelessly Desperate: A Video About Online Dating

Thanks, BoingBoing.  You always find the best stuff! This video is from a great little project known as The Moth.  It's live storytelling by literary greats and people who you may not know yet who are going to be literary greats.  Seriously, subscribe to the podcast.  It's amazing. Here's a hilarious story about a guy who sold all his stuff to fly to Australia to meet a woman who could swear creatively... … [Read more...]

Yes We Can (Vote!): What 4e Class Is Obama?

Well America, we will soon have ourselves a new President. Is he a Divine Leader? A Martial Defender? A Primal Controller? An Arcane Striker? None of the above? ALL of the above? Give your best guess below for what 4e D&D class Obama is... and don't forget to post a comment to let us know why. … [Read more...]