A Very Guild Christmas

Watch it, n00bs. Season 2 - Christmas Special … [Read more...]

The Guild, Season Two Episode Two – DO THEY KISS?

Wow, I feel so spoiled getting The Guild so frequently!! Check out episode two on MSN Video: Season 2 - Episode 2: Block'd … [Read more...]

The Guild, Season Two Begins! (Mmmm… T1…)

I am a huge fan of The Guild and have watched Season One probably ten times. (Seriously.) It's a great show and if you haven't watched it yet, you're missing out. Check out the first season on YouTube. The Guild's season two has been sponsored by XBox Live and Sprint, so the episodes will be coming out weekly rather than monthly.  Check out the first episode on MSN Video: Season 2 - Episode 1: Link the Loot … [Read more...]

This Girl Is Going To Make A Great DM One Day…

Found this one one a friend's LiveJournal.  It's the story of Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, some monkeys, a witch, and a suicidal hippo. Once upon a time... from Capucha on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

YouTube Goodies: I command thee to repent of your sinful, non-dwarven ways!

This episode is absolute gold.  I love all the characters in it, especially the town of Rock Ridge! … [Read more...]

YouTube Goodies: My Hope

A girl with a ukelele and a totally hilarious song about MySpace: The years are going by so fast it really is bewilderin' And we'll be so-called "grown ups" and have mortgages and children I hope we all gain worldliness, and wisdom, maturity But I hope most of all that MySpace falls into obscurity I hope our profiles all go dead, entombed in distant servers A monument of your youth, although lacking its observers Your page will be an empty shell, when no one is behind it I hope … [Read more...]

YouTube Goodies: “It ain’t exactly called The Lord of the Orcs, is it?”

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e’s Feed Favorites: 8/6/08

Welcome to the latest edition of e's feed favorites, where I run down the best things from my RSS feedbag for the past week! First off, bonus points if you can NAME THAT TUNE (played solely on telephones... four telephones): … [Read more...]

e’s Feed Favorites: 7/30/08

Welcome to another edition of e's Feed Favorites.  I hope you're hungry, because in addition to tasty links, I actually have a video pertaining to food!  Go go extended metaphor! … [Read more...]

e’s Feed Favorites – 7/23/08

Who doesn't love xkcd? … [Read more...]