Frequently Asked Questions

Online Dating

  • What is online dating?

Online dating is a bit of a misnomer.  You don’t actually “date” the person online.   You put up a profile on an online dating website.   If people find your profile interesting, they will contact you.  You can chat via email, IMs, and phone before meeting for a real date.

  • Why should I do online dating? Can’t I just meet someone the old fashioned way?

Sure you could.  But you’re reading this website, which means you probably haven’t found someone the old fashioned way yet.  Online dating allows you to “meet” a variety of different people who you ordinarily wouldn’t meet in your social circles.  You get a chance to read many profiles, see many pictures, and decide which people you’d like to get to know better.

  • Isn’t online dating full of freaks, weirdos, and other undatables?

Yes, but so is the real world.  The percentage of freaks and weirdos isn’t any higher in the online dating population.  You’ll find CEOs, lawyers, teachers, doctors, artists, writers, students… single people, divorced people, widowed people.  Everyone from age 18 to 80+!   You’ll be surprised at who is doing online dating these days – it’s much more widespread than you think.


  • What types of services do you offer?

GDG provides online dating profile writing, profile editing, and dating coaching services ranging in price from $5 to $349.

We have four package deals and various a la carte services.

  • Why should I have someone else write my dating profile?

Every great product has a marketing team behind it.  The geeks who code awesome software don’t usually SELL the awesome software.  They hire professional wordsmiths to spin things in a way that is appealing to potential customers.

Let’s face it.  It’s difficult to write about yourself.   It’s even more difficult when your romantic future is on the line.  Let me highlight your strengths and make your profile unique and appealing to the very people you want to attract.

  • Won’t people KNOW that I didn’t write it myself?

I pride myself on my ability to take your raw material and tweak it in a way that makes it amazing but yet wholly YOU.   I do this by reading your current profile and/or chatting with you via IMs or email.  Unless you tend to have hideous unchecked spelling and grammar, nobody will know you had your profile professionally written.  It’ll be our secret.

  • Isn’t it dishonest to have someone else write my profile?  False advertising?

It’s not dishonest in the slightest.  I’m just writing your movie trailer.   I’m getting you an audience by showing a bit of the best parts of your story.  At that point, it’s up to you!

  • Will you make me out to look way better than I am?

Way better?  No.

I can’t turn a Big Mac into a steak.   That would be dishonest.  I will however make you look just like those Big Macs in the commercials: beautiful, shiny, perfectly aligned… made to tantalize the audience into buying.   And by “buying” I mean “dating”.  Just to be clear!

  • Why don’t you do phone consultations like other dating advisors?

In order for us to do our job properly, we need to be able to take on your writing style.   Your profile needs to be written the way you write, otherwise it won’t ring true.

Our goal is a profile that is unique and “sounds like” the way you write, just better!  That way, when you begin email communication with your matches, they will not feel that your profile and email style don’t match.

  • How old are your clients?  Are they mostly men?

My clients range from early 20s to mid 50s.  Since Geek’s Dream Girl is marketed mostly to geek men, the majority of my clients are men.

  • Do you write profiles for girls?


  • What about the LGBT crowd?

Totally!   Love is love!

  • How about people in other countries?

Yes!  However, our writers are only fluent in English, so the translating would be up to you.

  • Do people really hire you?  Seriously? Are you like, a real business?

Seriously, yes.   I am a full-time writer and owner of The Lovely Bard, LLC.

Dating Sites

  • What do you think about geek-specific dating sites? Are they worth it?

They’re worth a try if you’re 1) in a large city or 2) don’t mind a long distance relationship.  As a rule, niche sites are going to have a smaller population of members.   You may be a big fish in a small pond… or you may just be in a small, empty pond.  More on niche sites here.

  • What’s the best online dating site?

“Best” is relative.  I had a lot of success with Match.com, but it’s not the site for everyone.  There are plenty of great sites out there – click here for more information and discount links for free membership time.


  • Why geeks?

I have always had a soft spot for geek men.   Smart, funny, passionate, dedicated – what’s not to like?   Sadly, there are lots of geek men out there who are unsuccessful in the world of online dating because they don’t know what makes them special and worth dating.  What better way to use my writing talents than to help geeks find the love they deserve?

  • What makes you the geek for the job?

Well, if you’d like my geek credentials, you can read my About page (or any of my posts on RPGs).

I hold a B.A. in Creative Writing from Hamilton College.

My online dating experience started in 1999 with Love@AOL.  When I finally hung up my hat as a client, I had launched my business to help geeks find love in the same ways that I did.


  • Who did your site?

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  • I’d like to stalk you.  What are my options?

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