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You’re a totally awesome geek.  Your friends always tell you what a great catch you are. But you have a problem. You’re still single. Not only are you single, you can’t see any good reason why you’re single.

All the bad boys and naughty girls are hooking up, and here you are: smart, employed, relatively drama-free, and alone on Friday night. Again.

Now let’s look at it another way…

Imagine yourself having more people romantically interested in you. Imagine that special someone writing you back, accepting your offer of a first date, becoming your partner in crime and geekiness.

Sound good?  Good, because…

We have the skills to get you noticed!

Geek’s Dream Girl is a small business focusing on online dating profile writing for geeks, by geeks. We’re copywriters that know how to make geek guys shine and attract those ever-elusive girls!

(We help girls too! And the LGBT crowd! But most of our clients are geek guys.)

We believe geeks are passionate, intelligent, and fun people and that every geek deserves to have a partner that supports their interests, even if they do not participate in them.

You’ll never hear variations on this theme again: “It’s me or the comics!” Tired of having to hide your geek side and quit the hobbies and activities that bring you joy?  It sucks, doesn’t it? You shouldn’t have to ditch your games and toys to get laid. That’s our philosophy.

Our specialty is writing online dating profiles and giving geeks the tools to attract their match. We set you up for success!

What Level Of Service Do You Want?

CopperThe Copper Package: “I have an online dating profile, but it’s not really getting the results I want. I’d like one of the Geek’s Dream Girl online dating coaches & copywriters to re-write my profile and make it better.” (Click for more information.)
SilverThe Silver Package: “I’m new to online dating or I’m ready to scrap what I have and start over fresh. I’d like to chat with one of the Geek’s Dream Girl online dating coaches & copywriters and have a brand new profile written.  I’d also like to have a little extra help to push me in the right direction once my new dating profile is live on my dating site.”  (Click for more information.)
GoldThe Gold Package: “I’m ready to take online dating seriously and find the geek of my dreams. I’d like to chat with one of the Geek’s Dream Girl online dating coaches & copywriters and have a brand new profile written. I’m also interested in regular chat sessions with my coach so I can pick their brain and do everything right.” (Click for more information.)

Not ready to dive in yet?

Read what our clients have to say about working with us:

I've been on Match for about 6 months... OkCupid and POF for longer than that.. never have had any kind of luck... was just about to give up. stumbled on your guide... and i'm already having WAY WAY WAY more luck. ( in the searches at least.) so, now i'm working on the rest.. Hopefully, your modifiers will give my normally crappy dice rolls some enough strength to beat the odds :)


I'll be recommending your event to my single friends next year, and if I'm single myself, you'll see me again, too!

Dave, GenCon speed dating participant

You have captured my personal voice better than any writer I’ve ever hired. I have been overloaded with responses from my new match profile!


I wanted to follow up with how things are going. In short, things are awesome! I went on 4 first dates over a couple of months and it seems like I'm still on the last one. Since last Friday we have spent 3 evenings together and would be together tonight if not for my gaming night. She is not a geek in the normal sense but is definitely a music geek which is one of my main interests. Maybe I'll convert her to RPGs sometime soon. :) I know it's very early on right now but we are both taking it slowly and enjoying feeling like 16 year olds even though we are in our 40s and 50s!

Thanks for your help with my profile. I will definitely use your help if I need to rewrite my profile in the future and I will recommend you to anyone else I know who is looking for help.


"I wanted to e-mail you to let you know that the messages I'm getting on my dating site have changed dramatically since your rewrite. They're more interesting, more relevant, and more natural, if that makes sense. It feels more like hearing from real people and less like getting hit on. I much prefer the way it is now! Haven't been out with any of them yet, but since my changed profile has only been up for five days, I think I'll give it a bit more time and see how things go."


“As far as the profile itself, E’s is a huge improvement. It says everything that mine said in about half the space. It removes the red flags and negativity. And, the biggest improvement IMO, it replaces the ‘you’s with ‘we’s.”


“e - Hey, good news! I got a wink this morning. And I have a date on Saturday with a lovely lady who winked at me last week. Thanks for the help on the profile!”


"I have a boyfriend now, I met him online... and he's amazing. Thank you! Yaaaaaay!"


Wow, thank you! I've been thinking about and playing with revisions most of the week, but your comments have really helped me bring it together. You've been a big help!


"I just wanted to thank you for the help on my profile. It turned out great. I wasn't sure that it would work, but tonight I have a third date with a great girl whose personality is that fun, smart, quirky/geeky and easy-going person I've been wanting to meet. I've also been out with another great girl who I will see again and a third who I'd like to meet. The girls I'm meeting now are definitely a better match for me than previously. All three contacted me first with a wink and we've had really good relaxed emails and dates so far."


“Wow, thanks for this….it looks great! You really condensed the info I had in my profile and made it (and me sound) more exciting. You put in the enthusiasm that I was trying to convey. I really like the way my profile turned out and I’m glad I did this!”


Mere hours after posting my new profile, a message:

"I enjoyed reading your profile. I just wanted to say hello."

Sadly, she lives several states away, and I'm not sure the long-distance thing would work. But it's a good start.


“I love it! It's easygoing and fun... and that's totally me!”


“Oh my! You have an epic talent for this. I can't even believe it. I am sitting here wanting to date myself it sounds so good. What a gem you have delivered to me. You have described me to perfection in this. Truly amazing (did I mention that a part of my job is to critique writing?) I am shocked at how good this is. WOW!”


“The first time I read the profile, my jaw dropped. It’s so good!”


"So, you might remember that you did an ad for me once upon a time, and I told you that it caught the eye of someone with whom I hit it off, and we went on a couple of dates. Well, a little update: in about a month, we’re getting married. So I’d say it went well. Thanks for helping me meet the love of my life. This turned out to be one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. "