About the Plastic Package

Who It’s For

  • Single geeks on a budget who want to improve their dating profile and photos.
  • Single geeks who are too embarrassed to ask friends to critique their dating profile.
  • Single geeks who feel their dating profile is stale and needs a breath of fresh air.
  • Single geeks who can write, but wouldn’t mind the eyes of a skilled editor.

What Is Included

  1. E’s Big Three: We’ll focus our keen eyes on your profile and send you 3 big things you could change to make it more attractive.
  2. Photo Selection: Your idea of a “great picture” of yourself may be scaring away potential matches! We’ll look through your photos and help you choose the ones that send the right message.

What Happens When You Order

  1. You pay for your Plastic Package using the button below. We accept major credit cards and Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account to order from us.
  2. You’ll receive a confirmation emailasking for:
    • a link to your current dating profile OR your online dating site username OR a cut-n-paste of your profile text (your choice!)
    • a link to an online photo album where we can view photos of you to consider for inclusion in your profile.
  3. Once we receive those things, you should receive your profile critique and a list of our favorite photos of you in 2 business days.

What Will It Look Like?

Here’s an example of what a completed Plastic Package looks like. We don’t have a list of stock problems that we click and add to your critique. It’s all written out by hand by myself or J and tailored to your individual profile.

Completed Plastic Package: “John”


  • I don’t like your current main picture. It kinda gives off a “who the hell are you?” vibe to me. The scenic pictures are great – keep those for sure.
  • I’d be wary of having too many group pictures. They really should be about 20% of your total pics, maximum.
  • The piggyback picture is totally cute (the one where your arms are out).
  • If you crop the headphones one so the window’s no longer in the picture (keep the blank space to the left of you), that one would work out, too.
  • One of the hardest things with glasses is getting shots where you can see eyes… I’d see about getting a couple new shots and experiment with angles so we don’t get as much glare/reflection from your lenses.

E’s Big Three:

Things that should/could be fixed in your profile:

All in all, this is one of the better profiles I’ve read. Most times I see giant red flags that need fixing… I’m having to dig deeper to find things for you to improve, which is GOOD! :-)

  1. You really need an about my match section. I know you’re kind of throwing the “if we have the same interests, you should email me” bone, but it’s not quite strong enough of a call to action. Really think about the type of girl you’re looking to attract and write out her character description. ;-)
  2. I’d watch the sentence structure a bit – you have a tendency to be “I” heavy. You can probably tighten up the writing on the whole so the main section of the profile is shorter (which gives you room for writing about your match!).
  3. Your profile is on the whole a little bit long. I’d cut back on some of the sidebar answers a bit. In general, I try to keep sidebar entries to 3 lines or less each. For example, under your education you could simply say that you’re going back in the Fall (not the bit about high school). The “last read” one can stay long, though – it’s worth it.

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In two business days, your eyes could be opened. You could know - and knowing is half the battle! Based on your awesome G.I. Joe knowledge, you could shine up your profile and have it working better than ever.

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