New Dating Profile & Personal Coaching

About the Silver Package

Is This You?

  • “I’m new to online dating or I’m ready to scrap what I have and start over fresh. I’d like to chat with one of the Geek’s Dream Girl online dating coaches & copywriters and have a brand new profile written.  I’d also like to have a little extra help to push me in the right direction once my new dating profile is live on my dating site.”

What Is Included

  1. The Works Profile Creation: A brand new profile consisting of two paragraphs – one about you and one about your match. We know the right words to make people eager to get to know you! (That’s what you want, right?)
  2. Photo Selection: Your idea of a “great picture” of yourself may be scaring away potential matches! We’ll look through your photos and help you choose the ones that send the right message.
  3. Coaching Session: One-on-one time on Instant Messenger or email with E or J. Need us to “translate” an email you received? Need help setting up custom searches? Need us to read over an email before you send it? Panicking when your date goes to the bathroom? We’re here for you.

What Happens When You Order

  1. You pay for your Silver Package using the button below. We accept major credit cards and Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account to order from us.
  2. You’ll receive a confirmation email asking for:
    • the text of your current online dating profile
    • a good time for you to chat with us via IMs about you and the kind of people you’d like to meet.
    • a link to an online photo album where we can view photos of you to consider for inclusion in your profile.
  3. Once we have our fun chat via IMs, your new profile and a list of our favorite photos of you will be in your email in 3 business days.

What Will It Look Like?

Here’s an example of what a completed Silver Package looks like.

Completed Silver Package: “Lou”


  • I don’t like your current main picture. It kinda gives off a “who the hell are you?” vibe to me.
  • The pictures of you riding your horse are great – even though we can’t really see you, they’re great action shots. Definitely include one.
  • I’d be wary of having too many group pictures. They really should be about 20% of your total pics, maximum.
  • If you crop the headphones one so the window’s no longer in the picture (keep the blank space to the left of you), that one would work out, too.
  • In the picture with the blue polo shirt, your body language is giving off defensive vibes. I’ve attached a way to crop it that will help lessen that.

PROFILE (Before):

Looking forward to the winter snow

I’m a final year student, studying politics, and no I don’t have my eye on political office. That doesn’t mean I’m lacking ambition though: I’m planning on doing a Masters degree next year. I’m a studious guy, but I like to take things easy as well, and enjoy relaxing with a good book, a videogame or a DVD. I also dabble with photography – mostly buildings and landscapes- and cookery. I’m looking for that special someone that is rather unique. I like people who don’t just go along with the crowd and have an independent mind. Someone who can challenge me on all sorts of issues and beliefs. An interest in politics would be awesome, as long as we can agree to disagree on some things. An interest in gaming, (video and good old fashioned pen and paper RPGs) would be pretty cool as well. Most games more fun with two after all.

PROFILE (After):

Headline Idea 1: Looking for a snowy Valentine

Headline Idea 2: Talking politics on a first date? Sure!

You could call me a studious guy – in my final year studying politics with plans to enroll in a Masters program next year. Don’t worry! I have no plans on running for political office! Can you imagine the dirt the tabloids would have on me? I can see the headlines now: LOU SEEN DRINKING ALE AT PUB. (Okay, maybe that’s not dirt exactly. I’m a pretty clean-cut guy.) Even if I was a politician, I’m pretty sure it’s not scandalous to read books, watch movies, dabble in landscape photography, experiment in the kitchen, or play video games. It’s fun, though, and I’d love to have you along for the ride.

You’re the type of girl who doesn’t go along with the crowd. You’ve got an independent mind and love to use it to challenge your friends to think outside the box. A love of politics is great so long as we can agree to disagree on some things. I’d love to have a girl who feels just like a best friend. Bonus points if you enjoy any sort of games – board games, video games, pen and paper RPGs. Most games are more fun with two, after all! What’s your favorite game of all time?

Roll Your Silver d20 Today…

In less than a week, you could be the proud owner of a dating profile that really showcases exactly what makes you unique and attractive. You could have a dating profile that stands out in a crowd – for all the right reasons. You could have a dating profile with a very short shelf life – because you’ll be off the market even quicker!

On top of that, you’ll have an hour of coaching time that you can use to ping us whenever you have a question or need a helping hand.

Get the Silver Package now for $149.

Geek’s Dream Girl is closed for business as of December 29, 2013. We are in the process of searching for a new DreamGirl to take over the business and continue our mission to promote geek love.