Halloween Sale 2009


Is your dating life a horror movie?  Or worse yet, is it like those zombie movies where you’re the last human alive and everything is just… too…. quiet?  Where is everyone?  Where’s your dreamgeek?

Let us help!

Here at Geek’s Dream Girl, we’re geeks like you.  If you had to pin us down our major geek flavors, I think we’d say E is the RPG geek and J is the sci-fi geek.   But like all geeks, our interests can’t be so easily summed up.

But in addition to being geeks, we’re writers.  Our specialty is dating profiles – the kind that get attention for all the right reasons. If your dating profile starts with “I don’t know what I should write here…” and ends with “If you like what you read, please email me.  If not, no biggie.”  YOU NEED US.

The Sale

Why a Halloween sale?

…why not?

From Monday 10/26 – Monday 11/2, use the code HALLOWEEN to get 25% off any Geek’s Dream Girl service.

For the math-challenged (like me):

GeekMMM members get a bonus!

GeekMMM members who were registered prior to 10/26/09 will receive a special bonus:

  • Purchase a Plastic d20 Package and receive the Copper.
  • Purchase a Copper d20 Package and receive the Silver.
  • Purchase the Silver d20 Package and receive a bonus hour of coaching time (a $58 value).
  • Purchase a Gold d20 Package and receive a bonus week of service (5 weeks for the price of 4).

It’s just my way of saying thank you to my lovely members!

This Won’t Last Forever…

Our pumpkin sale will disappear at 11:59 pm on Monday 11/2/09 and prices will go back to normal.  If you’ve been lurking and thinking about hiring us to help you get more dates and find the right person for you, now’s the time to act.