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You are a great person with a lot to offer the right partner, but why does it seem that the same things always happen?

  • You can’t figure out what to say about yourself in your profile.
  • Anything you type seems cheesy or stiff.
  • You can’t seem to find anybody worth dating.
  • Your email box is constantly empty.
  • The people you email never email you back.

You don’t know what you’re doing wrong – you’re a nice person!  Your friends are always asking why you’re still single and you can’ t think of a good answer.

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My Story (Could Be Yours!)

Not only have I been writing profiles professionally for other people, but I use my own advice.   Here’s my profile text – the very ad that attracted geek boys into my life!

Would you have emailed me?  I was never short on dates when that profile was running (and I’m no supermodel!).

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