How to navigate the online dating scene’s hierarchy of chat


You’ve spent hours looking at profiles on online dating sites and someone catches your eye. After sending off an icebreaker message the conversation seems to going well. When deciding to exchange contact information with this would-be-date, there’s probably a goal of meeting up offline. How you choose to chat with this person is a huge part of the getting to know you game. There are a plethora of communication options available to you, so it’s understandable that you may feel lost about the … [Read more...]

Too Much of a Good Thing: Avoid Overstuffing Your Games and Stories

A zombie on a dinosaur on a shark with a laser beam.

Like J, I am a longtime devotee of World of Warcraft, and like her, I am loving the new expansion. Between all the new factions, the pet battles, the rare monsters, the huge amount of raid content, Achievements, farming, secret treasures, scenarios, finding transmog gear, rare mounts, new race, new class, and dailies dailies dailies, there's so much to do! Too much, sometimes. Mists of Pandaria, for all that I love it, is an excellent example of the adage, "too much of a good thing." There … [Read more...]

Turned Inside Out – GGG Talks About Supporting Your Outed Loved One


Hiho, Gentle Readers. Well, in my last article, I promised I’d explain why coming out was so on my mind of late. I’m here to tell you exactly why. I’m in touch with a shockingly low number of people from my high school days. I think I realized that I had little in common with many of them, other than a love of D&D and Monty Python, and that wasn’t enough to build adult friendships on. One I’m still in touch with, however, it a woman I’ll call X. She’s married to a great guy, who’ll be Y … [Read more...]

How To Pick Up Chicks at the Comic Book Store

girl at comic shop

The last time I was at a comic book store I was my mom and my eleven-year-old cousin, so I wasn’t exactly cruising for chicks. And, luckily, I am butch enough that the guys browsing the bins weren’t cruising for me. But it made me think. One of the hardest parts of approaching an attractive potential date is finding common ground to do it on. At the comic book store, half the work is already done for you! Of course, if you’re gay, there’s the extra step of determining if said potential date is … [Read more...]

Pulling The Room Together: Touchstone PCs

Living Lure

I've got two cons coming up with the 4th of July between them, so this is a mail bag week! Okay, it's a Twitter week. Everyone talks to me via Twitter. I asked you all for ideas of what to write about this week, and this was a suggested topic. "A column about playing characters who are purposefully designed to engage other players and draw their PCs in for RP."   Being the character that gets in there and ties a group together can be a lot of fun—I know because I’ve done it. I … [Read more...]

For the Love of Money: Adventure to Dice Castle

By now you should be getting the hang of the skills necessary to write and some of the things you can do to be a professional in the industry. For the next two articles, I’m going to explore the part of freelancing that has to do with your flow of assignments -- what you decide to take on and when you get paid. There are four things that affect your ability to deliver an assignment on time and in the condition that a game company is happy with: how fast you write, how well you know the … [Read more...]

Leveling Up: Dating As A Skill And How To Master It


In the dating game, geeks like you and me tend to have terrible luck when rolling character stats. We roll high on intelligence and dexterity but critically low on charisma, strength, and, most unfortunate of all, wisdom. Which means we rock at rocket science and Pong, and suck at holding a conversation about either rocket science or Pong, and especially at figuring out what another person is thinking. All of that adds up to awkward, if not downright disasterous, first dates. But all is not … [Read more...]

Why Waiting To Date Won’t Make You More Successful

The "Perfect" Date

You'll start dating after you lose 20 pounds. Or get your degree. Or stop working so hard. Or once you move into your new place. Or after you've gotten a new job. Here's why you should kick those excuses to the curb --> See that picture right there? That needs to be your motto. New Year, New You? Everyone starts the new year with aspirations. And we think, if I can just get those things on track first, then I'll put up a dating profile. If I can just have this one habit cemented in my … [Read more...]

End of Song, Beginning of Story: Dating Resolutions for the New Year

(c) jenny downing, via Flickr

It’s the first day of the rest of your life! Well, it’s the second day of . . . the second page . . . it’s January 2nd, 2012. A good day for making resolutions. Especially for making new resolutions because the ones you made yesterday have already been broken. I’m trying to avoid the whole resolution thing this year, but for my queer and geeky brethren out there this is the perfect time to make a new start in your quest for love. Think about adding these resolutions to your dating outlook in … [Read more...]

The Village of No-No: Adventure to Dice Castle

You've got your equipment. You've figured out what skills and attributes you have. Now it's time to start out on our quest. First stop? The dreaded Village of No-No. DOM DOM DOM. You adjust your shoulder bag and stroll into a village nestled in a lush valley. The first thing you see is a man and a woman arguing at the top of their lungs. From what you can make out, they're pissed off about coin. The woman turns to you and says: "Don't work for that guy, he'll never pay you." The man, who … [Read more...]