Costumes for the Lazy


So you've been invited to a last-minute Halloween costume party.  Only one problem: you're not the costume "type," so you don't have anything from a con on standby, and you've got very little time to throw anything together.  Or maybe you'd like to keep your effort to a bare minimum.  What will you do? Below are a few "lazy" ideas for costumes.  These require minimal time and purchases, and hopefully look a bit more clever than just buying a cape from a drugstore. H Is For Hologram On the … [Read more...]

5 Essential Games For iPad


Lately it feels like more and more of my friends are purchasing iPads.  And while we do talk about which e-reader app we use and how we get our news and other appropriately intellectual subjects, somehow the most animated conversations start when the subject turns to games. When I first got my iPad, months and months ago, I didn't have a smart phone, so I was totally clueless about the world of game apps.  And the first thing everyone chimed in with was which games to try.  So if you, like … [Read more...]

iPad: My Trusty Companion


Contrary to popular girl stereotype, I am not a big phone person. I was a senior in college before I even got a cell phone - and that is not a marker of my age, trust me.  Everyone I knew had a cell phone.  And when I finally got one, it was a trusty little Samsung that I wore into the ground. Today, the only person I talk to on the phone on a regular basis is my mother.  I text people rarely, if ever.  I'm extremely slow at it, since I don't get the practice.  After the trusty Samsung … [Read more...]