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Fanservice… it’s not just for male otaku any more. In my earlier article on straight female fanservice moments in geek culture, I mentioned that I held off on including anime and manga as it had a much better track record in showing off “hawt menz” than Western media. But even with a long and storied history of willowy bishonen who sparkle and make smoldering bedroom eyes at the heroine/the camera/each other, never has anime fanservice for the straight gals and gay guys been this… um… … [Read more...]

Whose Genre Is It Anime? Cross Audience Appeal and “Labelling” Anime

Gundam Wing: mech anime or bishonen drama?

  If there's one thing I love about anime and manga, it's how little the quaint notions of demographics and labels tend to matter. Oh sure, Naruto may be defined as "shonen" (boys manga) and be published in a shonen magazine with all the trappings that ostensibly make young male audience sing with glee... but a huge proportion of the fanbase consists of female fans of all ages, doing everything from squeeing over the potential romances to enjoying the slapstick … [Read more...]