It all started one day when I took some criticism for a bit of Doctor Who trivia I wrote about at my day job. I figured since the episode in question was over three years old, any fans of Doctor Who would clearly have already seen it. I was wrong and since hid the paragraph between spoiler tags with a warning for those who hadn't finished watching Tennant's run as the Doctor. This made me wonder... What *Is* A Spoiler, Anyway? We can all agree on the broad definition that a spoiler is … [Read more...]

Neverwinter Reborn: A Review of the 4E Neverwinter Campaign Setting

neverwinter campaign setting book

I have a long history with the fictional town of Neverwinter. The first MMORPG I ever played was Neverwinter Nights, back on AOL. I adored the first Neverwinter Nights stand-alone PC game, and, whenever I got a Forgotten Realms product, I would smile when I saw Neverwinter mentioned. My city, I would always think. When the Forgotten Realms campaign guide for 4E came out, the first section I flipped to was the North, waiting to see what changes had occurred in Neverwinter. I was shocked to … [Read more...]

The Geek’s Dream Girl Geek Dating eBook Is Here!

You Geek, They Grok: Geek Online Dating Advice, Tips, & Tricks

I'd like to introduce you to my new eBook,  called You Geek, They Grok: A Geek's Guide to Leveling Up Your Online Dating Game. It's the ultimate guide to successfully leveling up from online dating newbie to being in an awesome (and hopefully geeky!) relationship. Click here to read all about it. If you have any questions about the book, feel free to leave a comment below. I'll be happy to answer them. … [Read more...]

From Elsewhere to Neverwhere: My Love Affair with Urban Fantasy

urban fairies

In the mid-80s, there was a sudden sharp rise in an intriguing sub-genre of fantasy literature which is commonly tagged with the term Urban Fantasy. There was a sudden swell in the number of books, comics, and role-playing games that went off down this new path, and authors who were known for other sorts of stories began to spin a new kind of faerie tale…one that captivated many readers, including myself. This genre can now be thought of to include numerous popular franchises including, … [Read more...]

Fit4GenCon: E’s Healthstyle Progress Update #1

Well, I made a non-resolution that I was going to rock a new healthstyle in 2010, so here I am, being accountable and writing an update about how things are going. If you're totally lost, you may want to go back and read these posts first: What Will You Look Like at GenCon 2010? Get Fit By Becoming A Food Geek (guest post by Darya of SummerTomato) E’s Journey To Food Geek and Fit4GenCon: Part 1 Geeks Can Cook: Apple Pie Breakfast (#fit4gencon) E’s 2010 Goal Word (Not … [Read more...]

E’s Journey To Food Geek and Fit4GenCon: Part 1

Darya's right.  I think that the only way for me to achieve a sustainable healthy weight is to become a food geek. After all, unless food becomes something I geek out about, it will always be something of peripheral importance (at least as far as quality goes, I'm always up for some quantity!). Every time I've lost weight before, I've slowly slipped back into old habits and gained it all back.  This time, it was "and then some." So... food geekery, here I come.   Here's what I've been … [Read more...]

Perfect Storm of Popularity: Wizards and Witches and Vampires, Oh My!

The other day I saw the new Harry Potter movie in a theater packed with teenagers.  They were expectant, excited, vocal; there were gasps and giggles when the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are, along with more than one fond "aww" from somewhere behind me. Then the trailer for the new Twilight movie came up, and something wholly unexpected happened.   During the very first scene, there were already scoffs from the teenagers around me.   They talked through the trailer.  They laughed at … [Read more...]

Contest Winner: Eberron Player’s Guide

It's the moment you've all been waiting for... the winner of the Eberron Player's Guide is... *drumroll* DQuartermane!  Shoot me an email (e at geeksdreamgirl dot com!) with your snail mail address and I'll drop your shiny new book in the mail this week! Thank you to everyone who dropped by to enter!  Stay tuned for this week's series on the new 4th edition book, Divine Power! … [Read more...]

Eberron Player’s Guide Preview: Your Questions Answered!

You asked, and I'm doing my best to answer.  Now, please remember I am not an oldie in the D&D scene, and sadly, my access to the 3e Eberron books was only through my old DM.   So if I tell you things you already know or don't quite get the answer you're looking for, don't shoot the messenger! … [Read more...]

Excuse Me, Miss. Didn’t I See You In The Monster Manual 2?

You've read the serious reviews of the Monster Manual 2.  They're written by people who know crunch and history and all that stuff.  Me, I'm in D&D for the fun.  Crunch is math and math's not fun. (Sorry, math geeks.) My Monster Manual post was entitled "Are Your IM Buddies in the Monster Manual?" For Monster Manual 2, we're looking at all the uppity, down-ity, psychotic females you've ever known or dated.   I even recruited some special guests and have featured their thoughts on … [Read more...]