Favorite Finds: December Edition


As you've heard by now, Geek's Dream Girl will be closing up at the end of the month.  I'm sure I'm going to be pretty nostalgic next week, but for now, I'm just going to focus on the moment, mentioning some of the things I've been finding awesome and that I won't have time to talk about later. The Room Two You may have already played The Room, a delightfully spooky puzzle game from Fireproof Games available on iPad (among others).  The original game took me forever to complete, because I … [Read more...]

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Geek


Nothing says love like losing your sanity! Valentine's Day is on Monday and you're still looking for a gift idea for your geek sweetie? Yikes! Let us give you a hand, but be forewarned, you may be paying some extra shipping to get it there in time. Crochet Cthulhu from CthulhuChick Elder gods know how to love! Check out CthulhuChick's Etsy store, where she has tons of adorable little handmade Cthulhus, just waiting for homes. There's even a Cylon-thulhu and a Chef-thulhu. And a bonus: You … [Read more...]

Automated Cocoa Machines: Whipping Up Magic

I am not a coffee drinker, with the occasional exception of drinks that contain more milk, caramel and ice than actual coffee.  However, when the weather turns brisk, I drink hot cocoa. Several years back my family purchased its first automated hot chocolate machine, and my life was forever changed.  Previously, I had made the occasional instant cup with hot water, but you have no idea how much better that same mix is when milk is added.  I was an instant addict.  I'm also clumsy and likely … [Read more...]