The Day of the Doctor: Looking Back, Moving On


After literally years of waiting, the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special has aired.  I feel a bit like the winter holidays have started early, actually.  Let's discuss a little of what went on and what we can expect for the future.  It might be obvious, but this will contain spoilers for those who haven't yet watched the episode. Truth and Lies We all knew the special would be a multi-doctor event in that it would contain both David Tennant and Matt Smith, but we weren't sure of anything … [Read more...]

Who History: New Developments in Missing Episodes


After waiting so long for the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, time has seemingly sped up and it's almost crept up on me!  Even if you're staunchly avoiding spoilers and speculation, there's still plenty of Who-related news to be had: The anniversary will be simulcast in many countries, including on BBCAmerica in the US (I'm just assuming they're going to work out that East Coast/West Coast thing this one time).  Additionally, select theaters will be showing 3D versions of the Anniversary … [Read more...]

Who History: Name Dropping


As most everyone knows by now, the 50th Anniversary Special for Doctor Who will be later this year.  There will likely be some amount of celebration and fanfare as the November date draws nearer - but in the meantime, the current half-series of Doctor Who seems to be honoring the 50th in its own way.  In practically every episode, there's been some reference to the adventures of a previous Doctor. Now, some who are used to Moffat's timey-wimey ways wonder if these references Mean Something - … [Read more...]