The Things We Leave Behind: Why?


A long time ago (the 1990s), when I was a freshman in high school, I decided to carry a McDonald's Happy Meal plastic pumpkin pail as a purse/pencil box.  I have no idea what possessed me to do this, but I thought it was adorable and funny (baby irony, I suppose).  When it was no longer the Halloween season, I spotted a tin Sailor Moon lunchbox at a store I loved.  I carried some form of lunchbox for the remainder of high school. Even as I write this, I cringe.  I associate the lunchbox purse … [Read more...]

Caring for Your Comics: A Cautionary Tale

(from blue_j)

When I graduated from college, a friend offered to store a few boxes of comics at her house until I got settled. Whirlwind marriage, new house, cut to six months later and I had no idea where my comics were. Neither did she, unfortunately. Her father could have benefited from this short lesson in the proper care of comic books and trade paperbacks: Step One: Don’t use them to prop up a workbench in a shed inhabited by feral cats. Step Two: See Step One. Status of the bulk of my … [Read more...]