In-Console-able: Review of Aoi Sekai no Chuushin De (aka the Console War anime)

aoi sekai chuushin de

Loyal readers may remember that, about a year ago, I wrote an article about my top 5 pick for weirdest anime concepts ever. Number two on the list was Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de, a medieval fantasy anime based around, of all things, the classic console wars between Nintendo and Sega during the ‘90s. All the characters were loose parodies or personifications of the various franchises both companies were known for, made into magical heroes locked in a deadly faction struggle. Well, with the Xbox … [Read more...]

Favorite Finds: Journey


In light of the recent next-gen console controversy, I decided to check out some PS3 games for the first time.  After all, I'd pretty much decided I'd go with Playstation  at the end of the year, based on how the company has represented itself this year and my previous love for the PS2.  However, the PS3 has been out for ages and it might be a little silly to jump in whole-hog when I've missed the intervening seven years or so. Today's game, Journey, is absolutely my favorite so far.  It's a … [Read more...]

The Console Wars: Attitude is Everything


The console wars.  It's a phrase that gets tossed around, but rarely has it actually applied like it has for the last week.  Of course we're all viewing this from our own lens - with our own loyalties, history, personal circumstances, etc - and that shapes our opinion, but most would agree on two points: a)XBox/Microsoft can't seem to keep their collective foot out of their mouth, and b)Playstation/Sony has been taking advantage of this with sometimes hilarious results. Honestly, if you'd … [Read more...]