Geeky Cake: Lobster Stuffed With Tacos a la Simpsons

Completed Candy Tacos

Our friend Andrew decided that for his 30th birthday, we should have a Day of Delicious Foods at his house. We all started to think about what dishes might be appropriate for such a day. This Simpsons clip immediately popped into our heads: So we did it. Lobster Stuffed With Taco Cake Our inspiration came from these two sites: Lobster Cake Candy Tacos - we used chopped maraschino cherries for the tomatoes We gathered up all the necessary ingredients and went to work making … [Read more...]

World of Rodriguez: 10 Minutes in School


So it's 2am on Black Friday, 2010, and I'm hanging out at the Wal-Mart with a couple of my family members. I'm there for the long haul, waiting for 5am, so my mother can get a TV that's not from 1992 (though I must say, there was nothing wrong with that TV and in fact it's outlived other, younger models).  Needless to say, I had a lot of time to peruse the rest of the store, including periodic checks in the DVD section to see what two-dollar goodies they were hauling out this hour. I almost … [Read more...]

A Loaf of Bread, a Jug of Wine, & Thou: Romance & Food


As I write these words, I'm recovering from a delightful Thanksgiving dinner. Rather than just succumb to a tryptophan-induced coma while watching "The Wiz," I pulled myself up out of my club chair, poured myself another mug of apple cider, and sat down to do some typing. As I did so, I mused on the old saying ,"The shortest way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Food has certainly played a part in many memorable times for me, and it seemed only fitting that it be the subject of an … [Read more...]

Urban Tribes & Orphan Thanksgiving: Family Is What You Make of It


Sometime back, I read a book called “Urban Tribes” by Ethan Watters. The book had a profound effect on me, and I came to realize that it was very relevant to my living situation. In a nutshell, the book is about the development of social circles, comparing the more family oriented circles of the past with the more friend oriented circles of the present. In the past, the book posits, a person was expected to finish school, get a job, get married, and raise a family, pretty much in that order and … [Read more...]

The +5 CHA Community (AKA #fit4gencon and YOUR favorite con, too!)

Big news! You've probably seen the #fit4gencon movement if you follow geeky folks on Twitter. We use it when we're talking about our healthstyle - eating better, working out, etc. But there were folks who felt left out. They said, "I don't/can't go to GenCon, but I want to be a part of this super cool idea!" Introducing... The +5 CHA Community! Check out our (very) new digs at plus5CHA, where we have our very own, 100% private members-only forum for geeks looking to get … [Read more...]

Cooking Is As Easy As Being a DungeonMaster

Farmers Market Haul for 7/4: Squash Blossoms, Passport Melon, Tomatoes, Okra, Potatoes, Corn, Pattypan Squash, Onions....

It's funny how predictably this happens. As part of my healthstyle, I've been cooking a lot of meals at home using ingredients fresh from the farmers market. And every time I tweet about something I'm cooking, I get responses like this: WHOA! How did you DO THAT? That looks AMAZING! I wish I could cook awesome things like that. I don't think I could ever learn how to cook stuff that looks that delicious. That must have taken forever to make! And every time I see these … [Read more...]

Fit4GenCon: E’s Healthstyle Progress Update #1

Well, I made a non-resolution that I was going to rock a new healthstyle in 2010, so here I am, being accountable and writing an update about how things are going. If you're totally lost, you may want to go back and read these posts first: What Will You Look Like at GenCon 2010? Get Fit By Becoming A Food Geek (guest post by Darya of SummerTomato) E’s Journey To Food Geek and Fit4GenCon: Part 1 Geeks Can Cook: Apple Pie Breakfast (#fit4gencon) E’s 2010 Goal Word (Not … [Read more...]

Geeks Can Cook: Apple Pie Breakfast (#fit4gencon)

Steel cut oats, also known as Irish oats, are an awesome source of insoluble fiber and protein.  If you find that regular oatmeal is too mushy and just doesn't fill you up, you're going to want to try steel cut oats. Now, the problem with steel cut oats is that they take a long time to cook.  Who has 30-40 minutes to make breakfast?  My solution to this was making them in the crockpot and then reheating them in single servings in the morning. My favorite kind of oatmeal has always been … [Read more...]

E’s Journey To Food Geek and Fit4GenCon: Part 1

Darya's right.  I think that the only way for me to achieve a sustainable healthy weight is to become a food geek. After all, unless food becomes something I geek out about, it will always be something of peripheral importance (at least as far as quality goes, I'm always up for some quantity!). Every time I've lost weight before, I've slowly slipped back into old habits and gained it all back.  This time, it was "and then some." So... food geekery, here I come.   Here's what I've been … [Read more...]

Get Fit By Becoming A Food Geek

(e's note:  Welcome today's guest writer, Darya Pino, one of my favorite bloggers. Darya is a scientist, San Francisco foodie and advocate of local, seasonal foods. Get more healthy eating tips at her blog Summer Tomato. Follow her on Twitter @summertomato.) On paper I am a huge nerd. I’m a scientist for one thing (neuroscience Ph.D.) and I’m also a blogger and tech geek. I have three generations of Nintendo consoles that until very recently were hooked up to my 32” computer monitor. My … [Read more...]