Great Dates in Fifty States (& Canada): Toronto, Ontario – The Geek Edition

snakes and lattes

Though I've been writing for the site for a while now and it dawned upon me that I hadn't contributed to the ongoing series of Great Dates posts yet. There's already a post in GDG's archives from 2009 with some great general suggestions about where to go in Toronto from a guest contributor. But I felt that there were some geeky landmarks that definitely we worth adding to this. Here are my picks for the must-see places to check out and great geek dating spots in Toronto. Silver … [Read more...]

Great Dates in 50 States: Buffalo, New York


The Surprising Date Opportunities of Buffalo, N.Y. By Guest Writer, Sam Stieler of Buffalo, N.Y. gets a bad rap. Sure, the city has seen better days, but the evacuation of its blue-collar economic base laid the groundwork for an exciting influx of artists and ground-breaking non-profit initiatives that make the capital of Western New York one of the most surprising cities in the Northeast. If you’re willing to stray off the beaten path and indulge in a few … [Read more...]

Great Dates in 50 States: New York, New York


It's time for another guest post in our Great Dates in 50 States series! Please welcome to the stage Oliver Jameson and his great dates in New York City: Everyone knows that New York is one of the most vibrant cities in the world but it's also among the most romantic if you know where to go. Whether you are an occasional visitor or a seasoned local who just wants to mix up your dating destinations, then New York has lots of gems waiting to be discovered. Whatever your budget, tastes and … [Read more...]

Our Wedding Bands Don’t Match (And It Doesn’t Matter One Bit)


This past Tuesday was my 6th wedding anniversary. Yes, now you all know the date, good readers, or will if you consult a calendar. I will expect presents next time. ;-) “We’re at six years,” I told my husband on the day itself. “In traditional gift terms, that means candy or iron.” We laughed over it, then decided to put off any celebrations until Thursday night. I had an office party on Wednesday I needed to cook for, and the holidays had us both rushing around. We decided to celebrate … [Read more...]

Great Dates in 50 States (and Canada!): Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax Skyline Great Dates in Canada

Planning a trip to the East Coast? Already a resident there? Perhaps you're familiar with Halifax, the student mecca of the entire Atlantic region of Canada, with more students per capita than Boston. This explains why it's also the geek capital of the region, particularly when you consider the computer and technology-related colleges in the area. So when you're a geek in the heart of Atlantic Canada, what are you going to do on a date that's a little bit more original than walking up and down … [Read more...]