The Best Bad Date You Can Have

It was bound to happen. The Bad Date. It’s not only that you lack chemistry, or that conversation is awkward, but you are actually having a bad time. You might even dislike your date. LJ spoke earlier about surviving awkward first dates and this article will expand on the idea that even bad dates can provide value. The Stuff the Nightmares are Made of A truly bad date isn’t just uncomfortable conversation, but one where other elements are going wrong. You may be a vegetarian and your date … [Read more...]

How to survive an awkward first date


When you're in the online dating scene, eventually you're going to have a bad first date. It doesn't matter how thoroughly you think you've screened someone, sometimes there just isn't spark or the other party has misrepresented themselves online. Ultimately, it's hard to gauge how well you'll actually get along with someone until you meet in person. Here are some strategies for how to minimize the suckage of a not-so-great first date. Make the first date informal When planning a first … [Read more...]

Hacking dating site algorithms to find a better match


  If you've been on dating websites for a while you've probably thought to yourself as some point or another "where are they coming up with these suggested matches from?" Some dating websites, such as OkCupid, base their compatibility scores on how you answer their questions; other sites determine whom they send your way via the general preferences you’ve listed on your profile.  Depending on the website and how much profile information you’ve filled out, the matches that are being … [Read more...]

The Unrequited Kind – How to Move the Eff On

I Love Me

Pining over unrequited romantic affection is a form of emotional masochism. It doesn't serve you in anyway, except for making you feel awful. Unrequited love only brings pain and feelings of martyrdom, as if your suffering somewhat makes your feelings more pure. That’s an extremely warped perception and not at all emotionally healthy. Romantic rejection is one of those themes that seem to permeate our popular culture – songs, movies, novels, TV shows, comic books all featuring sad stories about … [Read more...]

What everybody ought to know about dating when you’re chronically ill


Disclaimer: Before I jump into this, I want to preface this article by saying this is based on my personal experience living with chronic pain and illness (Lupus and probable fibromyalgia as well). This piece is not meant to speak for how others experience these conditions or any other type of illness. Nor do I think these suggestions are necessarily universally applicable or useful for everyone. At the end of the day you know yourself & your body best.  I struggled with whether I wanted to … [Read more...]

“Thanks, but I’m not interested” – How to Respond to Unwanted Messages


When you’ve received a message on a dating site from a person you’re not interested in, what do you do? There’s two basic schools of thought – either ignore the message entirely, or send a polite decline. Is one method better than the other? That comes down to a matter of personal opinion. We’ve included the case for both strategies and how to navigate this territory. No response required You don’t owe anyone on an online dating site a response. Ultimately, the other users on the … [Read more...]

The Top Five Statements That Hurt Your Online Dating Profile


There are some phrases and themes that seem to pop up over and over again in less than fabulous online dating profiles. More often than not, people are simply unaware that some seemingly innocuous sounding things can actually be huge turn-offs. (Of course there are extreme versions of crazy stuff people write too, like this dude.) We've compiled a list of the top things you should never include on a dating profile and some helpful hints about how they can be corrected. 1) "I don't know … [Read more...]

Love & Dating Lessons from Buffy The Vampire Slayer


As a young teenager, I jumped on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer (BtVS) uber-fan bandwagon. The show's 1997-2003 run roughly coincided with my preteen stage and into my high school years. As a nerdy and fairly socially awkward kid, Buffy and the Scoobies felt like family. For one TV hour a week, for 7 years, I would eat popcorn and lose myself in the show. As cheesy as it may sound, in those crucial emotional developmental years, Joss Whedon & co. taught me a lot about life and love … [Read more...]

The Geek’s Dream Girl Guide to Convention Etiquette & Meeting New People


  The focus of our site is primarily on how to connect with like minded geeks via online dating, but we also actively encourage getting out into the world and meeting people face to face. With GDG boss lady  E. Foley at GenCon this week and a flurry of other conventions happening across North America (I’ll be at Toronto’s Fan Expo next week - come say hi at the Nerd Girl Burlesque booth), I wanted to touch on the right and wrong ways to go about meeting fellow geeks at … [Read more...]

Do You Make These First Contact Message Mistakes?

Find Love

Hello again fellow geeks! This week I wanted to address an issue that many online daters struggle with, sending a great first contact e-mail. It can be intimidating to try to compose a message that catches someone’s attention, but if you try to avoid these common pit falls, you’ll move from online dating n00b to superhero levels of confidence. Below I’ve outlined some of the things you should generally try to avoid when sending a first message to someone on a dating site. Writing too … [Read more...]