Dear Anon-O-Box: Please Say You Don’t Want Kids

Dear Anon-O-Box, I'm a straight male who doesn't like or want kids. Ever. I'm 32 and I'm not likely to change my mind about this. That said, finding women who think similarly has been extremely difficult and I'm wondering if I'm coming to the point where I can choose between being unhappy by having kids/seeing someone with kids or being unhappy from being eternally single. Any advice on what I can do or where I can go? - Childfree, Please e answers: Dear Childfree, You picked the right … [Read more...]

5 Dealbreakers You May Be Including in Your First Contact Email


There are plenty of wonderful, meaningful and fascinating things to talk about in an introduction message, your very first contact with some potential love interest, while dating online. There are also topics you don't touch with a ten-foot pole. Fair or not, everyone judges on first impressions, and unlike real life where you can hang around and be stalkerish (not recommended but commonly practiced anyway), you don't get a second chance if that cursor goes to the “delete” button instead of … [Read more...]

Dear Anon-O-Box: It’s Only Kinky The First Time

Dear Anon-O-Box, How do you suggest someone approach an interest they consider virtually a requirement in a long-term partner, but which are not really appropriate to include in an online dating profile? An example that comes to mind is a strong interest in BDSM. - Kinky Is The Whole Chicken Dear Kinky Chicken, For starters, good for you for knowing what you want from life and love!  You would not believe the amount of people who keep their inner desires pent up, marry someone they're … [Read more...]

Dealbreakers: How Much Do They Mean To You?

We're all searching for our dream person when we're looking for someone new.  Granted, the people we find might not fit the ideal - they might not share that fascination with astronomy, or they might carry a torch for Jewel's music - but we're willing to overlook the little stuff and see the big picture. Until That Line is crossed.  The Something, big or small, that means that the relationship isn't even worth pursuing, because the mental acrobatics you'll have to perform to even look at that … [Read more...]

Finding Your Match on Part 3, The Realistic Search

In Part One of this series, you learned why the three major searches promoted by are in essence pretty useless.  In Part Two, you set up your Dream Girl Search.  You could open it up to the whole country or stick local.  It's up to you. Now, let's back up to something a bit more realistic.   Your Dream Girl Search will probably come up with very few results (at least locally), so you need a realistic search that will be your core search. It's about dealbreakers... here we go... … [Read more...]

Childfree by Choice: More Online Dating Tips

In my previous post on this topic, I focused on profile considerations for  those who live the childfree lifestyle. To recap, honesty is the best policy, especially when it comes to reproductive choice.  Nobody wants to fall in love with someone and invest time in a relationship only to find out that the person wants furry, not fleshy, children. As a childfree person, you don't want to fall in love with someone who says they don't want children only to find out (possibly after marriage) … [Read more...]