Saying Goodbye: The Good and the Bad of TV Finales


The fall TV season may just be beginning, but fans have been saying goodbye to some of their very favorite shows.  After years of intense drama, the shows Dexter and Breaking Bad have finally come to an end.  I'm not going to spoil the details of either finale, but let's just say that fan reaction has been a study in contrast: Opinions of the Dexter finale have ranged from disgust to a simple "good riddance," thanks more to the last few seasons than just one episode.  On the other hand, most … [Read more...]

Geek Chic: Fashion Without the T-Shirts


Go to any geek gathering and there's a 'uniform' of sorts - jeans and quirky t-shirts.  And really, why not?  T-shirts are widely available and can convey a range of statements, ranging from irony to adoration to everyone's favorite, the well-placed reference that manages to be pop culture and a little obscure all at the same time.  I have many of these myself. But t-shirts don't fit into every situation.  Maybe you have a job that doesn't require a uniform, but would frown on uniforms.  In … [Read more...]

Costumes for the Lazy


So you've been invited to a last-minute Halloween costume party.  Only one problem: you're not the costume "type," so you don't have anything from a con on standby, and you've got very little time to throw anything together.  Or maybe you'd like to keep your effort to a bare minimum.  What will you do? Below are a few "lazy" ideas for costumes.  These require minimal time and purchases, and hopefully look a bit more clever than just buying a cape from a drugstore. H Is For Hologram On the … [Read more...]

Dexter: A Definite Addiction


Usually it's not a secret when I'm a fan of a TV show.  But there's one show that comes second only to Doctor Who when it comes to my fangirlishness; a show that makes one year seem twice as long when I'm waiting for a new season.  But I don't talk about my love for it very much, because it seems, well... kind of wrong. See, I'm a fan of Dexter.  I root for a serial killer. Do what, now? Dexter works for the Miami Police Department - homicide.  He's not a cop, though - he's a blood-spatter … [Read more...]