Diary of a Drow: Day 5

This post is part of a series. To blast to the past, click here. OOC: We last left our adventures camping just outside the Khyber kobold cave, where they had slain the charismatic leader and his followers as well as several undead. We awaken, and after our morning routines, we set off to the red kobold village to sell the 50 or 60 paws we collected in our travels. Everyone's backpacks are filled with paws. I'm hoping we're able to get some useful items and information out of this … [Read more...]

Diary of a Drow: Day 4

This post is part of a series. To blast to the past, click here. OOC: We last left our adventurers camping in the jungle just outside a cave full of black kobolds. They had ventured in deep enough to know that there was a trapdoor leading to the lower level. Because they needed to rest up, they went back into the jungle and made camp. Sure enough, the gnoll shows up this morning with a lumpy backpack of mangoes. I'm not entirely sure he realizes that he was gone for a full day, but … [Read more...]

Diary of a Drow: Day 3

This post is part of a series. To blast to the past, click here. OOC: Our shifter guy quit on us without giving any explanation, but we have replaced him with another girl. I'm no longer the token girl, but at least I'm still the token newb. I'm 50% short on tokens now. Oh well. She is a shifter and a tank-type, so our DM was like, "Ok, so you know that shifter you were adventuring with last time? Turns out it was a girl all along!" Our cleric, Frank quipped, "Darn shifters, can't tell … [Read more...]

Diary of a Drow: Days 1 & 2

I have discovered that the one who healed me is a half-giant named Frank. This displeases me because giants are scum. But then again, he healed me and saved my life, so I feel I owe him at least some debt of gratitude. He's traveling with a dark-skinned, dreadlocked halfling named Hakim. "I'm half-giant, quarter-Ling," Frank claims. I'm not sure if I want to know which one was which. I feel bad for the mother either way. I join their group and we're out hunting in the jungle. We … [Read more...]

Mar’Kessa Riknueth

Description: Mar'Kessa's snow white hair is the first thing people notice about her. Thick and silky, it falls halfway down her back in stark contrast to her dark skin. Two thin braids on either side of her head are tied at the back of her neck with a strip of black leather. Another strip of leather, studded with purple stones is tied, choker-style, around her neck. Her build is slight, but toned. A wide scar mars her left upper arm and when her hair falls in the right way, you can see that … [Read more...]

Adventures of a Newb Girl in D&D

Greetings, friends. This is part one of the tale of e, the woefully inept (but learning!) padawan of D&D. I have always harbored a curiosity about D&D, but never had the opportunity to play it until recently. As you know, I'm dating a wonderful pale geeky redhead who happens to game regularly on Sundays with some friends. When I visited, they were playing a Star Wars d20 campaign, and the DM was gracious enough to roll me up a character to play. Even tho it was the Star Wars … [Read more...]