Roll The Bones: Gamers And Their Dice Habits


I’ve been seeing a lot of tweets, Facebook and LJ posts about The Bones: Us and Our Dice, an anthology recently released by Gameplaywright Press. It’s a collection of essays and anecdotes about, well, dice, and everything from their use in game play and their randomness, to the superstitions and emotions gamers attach to them. Big names like John Kovalic and Wil Wheaton were involved, and I’m eager to read it. In the mean time, the book’s premise got me thinking about my own dice-related … [Read more...]

Product Review: Dice Tray from Dwarven Sweatshoppe

In my neverending quest to be as much like Martin Ralya as possible (oh, to be even close to his beautiful red-headed gnome-iness!), of course I wanted a dice tray from Dwarven Sweatshoppe after seeing his review.   I ordered up my very own dice tray, waited very impatiently for it to arrive, and have been loving it ever since! Wondering why you should drop $20-$40 on a dice tray when your table rolls dice just fine?  Read the details below to make an informed decision! … [Read more...]