Favorite Finds: December Edition


As you've heard by now, Geek's Dream Girl will be closing up at the end of the month.  I'm sure I'm going to be pretty nostalgic next week, but for now, I'm just going to focus on the moment, mentioning some of the things I've been finding awesome and that I won't have time to talk about later. The Room Two You may have already played The Room, a delightfully spooky puzzle game from Fireproof Games available on iPad (among others).  The original game took me forever to complete, because I … [Read more...]

Spoilers, Sweetie: How to Survive Them


I think I can actually recall the first time I encountered a spoiler.  I must have been in elementary school, watching an episode of The Simpsons (I don't think I was actually allowed to watch the show early on, but somehow I managed anyway. It's a common tale in my generation).  Completely randomly, completely casually, Mayor Quimby revealed a major surprise from the movie The Crying Game.  Now, I was too young to have seen it, but I'm pretty sure it was still a relatively recent movie at the … [Read more...]

Back-to-School or Geek Holiday?


It's been (cough) several years since I left my school days behind, but I still love back-to-school time.  I look forward to the crisp days of fall, the feeling of a fresh start, maybe even a fresh haircut... and sales.  Yes, it seems everything I like and need goes on sale at back-to-school-time.  As someone who especially loves books, electronics, cross-body bags, and new episodes of Doctor Who and Downton Abbey, I feel almost like it's a geek holiday. And yes, it's only the middle of … [Read more...]

Different Geek Flavors: Downton Abbey


Last winter and spring, I went through something of a phase: I watched all of the BBC period dramas I could get my hands on.  Emma, North & South... if it was set in the past and featured at least one member of the cast of Harry Potter, I watched it.  One day, something I hadn't heard of popped up on Netflix Instant and was recommended: Downton Abbey.  Weirdly enough, that same day I came across a blog post by Felicia Day that raved about it.  The extra nudge was more than I needed.  I … [Read more...]