GenCon Bound: D&D, Speed Dating, and Knitting, oh my!

It's that time again! The best time of year for gamer guys and girls... GENCON! Woooo! (I am only a little bit excited.) I've actually cut back a little on my scheduled events this year in an attempt to, I dunno, do more gaming? So we'll see how it goes. I'm looking forward to playing games, running speed dating, and teaching a knitting class for the SPA crowd. Wednesday Arriving early afternoon. Dave(TheGame) & I are at the Westin, but we'll likely be hanging out in the JW lobby … [Read more...]

#GenCon Speed Dating Causes A Wedding: Congrats Michael & Jess!


Congratulations to Michael & Jessica, who are getting hitched today. Turns out, that really speedy date they had in The House at Union Station was the conversation that sparked what will hopefully be a lifelong romance. Congrats, you two! Got Your GenCon Speed Dating Ticket? Here's how you can get in on this fun event and possibly meet your soulgeek: Tickets for MEN seeking WOMEN: $20 (21-35) (currently sold out, but come with generics just in case we have dropouts!) $20 … [Read more...]

E’s 2012 GenCon Schedule


Need to find E at GenCon? Participating in speed dating or other geek dating events? Want to knit with her? Here's your stalking info, right here. First of all, I'd like to thank my friend Josh for his house/petsitting services. I already miss my furry children, but I know you're being a great substitute parent. Getting in Touch The best way to get in touch with me is to send me a tweet. I obsessively check my phone, so I'll reply as soon as I'm able. If you are among the lucky folks to have … [Read more...]

Origins 2011: The Bad Side of the Con #origins2011

Origins Speed Dating Room

In yesterday's post, I went over all the great things that happened at Origins. I'm very glad I wrote that post, because I don't want anyone to get the idea that nothing good happens at Origins. It's a convention in a wonderful city and the people who attend it are generally friendly, fun, and geeky. In fact, it hurts me to have to write this post.  But it's a story that needs to be told. All of my events at Origins 2011 had ZERO attendees. Compare this to GenCon, where my events were … [Read more...]

Origins 2011: The Good Side of the Con #origins2011

Apocalypse World Character - Savvyhead Adele

I spent this past weekend in Columbus, Ohio at Origins Game Fair. This is my third year attending Origins and may possibly be my last. (That sounded pretty ominous, didn't it?) But for this post, let's look at all the great things that happened at Origins 2011.  Always look on the bright side of life, right? Apocalypse World After a very tasty belated birthday dinner (in which we heard a hilarious story involving Tom Cadorette (@cadorette) and some hot peppers), Dave and I headed to Games … [Read more...]

Meet E at Origins 2011: Speed Dating, +5CHA, ThinkGeek Freebies, and More!


Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday to Me! I don't need any presents, But if you're at Origins, come see me! E at Origins, June 22 - 26 I can't seem to do anything half-heartedly, so here are the hats I'll be wearing while at Origins, in no particular order: Hat 1: Member of the Press I'll be covering Origins as part of the press again this year (my 3rd year!) and am excited to share all the fun and exciting things happening in Columbus, Ohio with those of you stuck at home. Hat … [Read more...]

GenCon Event Registration Today! Geek Dating & Health Events


GenCon Indy really is the best four days in gaming! Come to Indianapolis from August 4-7 and join me for my geek dating events (and one event for +5 CHA). If you have any questions about my events, please leave a comment below. I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have. Geek Dating Events WKS1120180 - Geek Dating Advice Q&A - Thursday @ 11 am An open Q&A to ask whatever questions you might have about dating, online dating, or relationships. Too shy to ask? Write your … [Read more...]

We’re at PAX East!


Oh hai! It's Friday and I'm not here. Well, that depends on where "here" is. I'm not at home, but if you consider the internet my home, I guess I'm partially at home via my Android phone. I'm at PAX East and so is GGG and there's even a rumor J may actually show her face in the real world. If you're looking to meet any of us, shoot us a tweet and we may just tell you how to do that if we're not too busy geeking out. As a ThinkGeek employee, I am there in a semi-official capacity. … [Read more...]

If You’re Anything Like E, You Will Hate Dragon*Con


Dave and I attend a convention about once a month, mostly gaming conventions.  We had a choice this month. Do we attend PAX in Seattle, or Dragon*Con in Atlanta? We made the incorrect decision. (If you prefer your E to be cheerful, bubbly, and adorable, you may want to leave this post now.) A few things influenced our decision to attend Dragon*Con rather than PAX: We could drive to Dragon*Con. No plane tickets necessary. We had heard Dragon*Con was one of those cons that every geek … [Read more...]

GenCon 2010: Geek Dating Events & Speed Dating Recap


I ran several different geek dating events at GenCon this year. Here's a recap of how things went and how I plan to improve on things for next GenCon (and other conventions - contact me if you'd like me to run events at your convention!) Dating Doctor Clinic The folks who came for the Dating Doctor Clinic were great people.  I loved talking with each and every one of them and hearing their dating stories, and I hope I gave each of them some useful suggestions for making their dating lives … [Read more...]