GenCon 2010 Update: Castle Ravenloft Board Game

Castle Ravenloft Board Game Cover Art

Before we even got our badges, a group of bloggers got whisked away to a secret storage room in the Indy Convention Center to play Castle Ravenloft the board game, to be released by Wizards of the Coast in just a couple weeks (8/17/10). For those unfamiliar, Castle Ravenloft is one of THE most famous vampire adventures ever. Many a D&D player has fond memories of fighting Strahd. If you know Dan from Obsidian Portal, he has an awesome Strahd story that involves a very crafty cleric and a … [Read more...]

Geek’s Dream Girl Events at GenCon Indy 2010

GenCon is almost upon us! AAAAAAAAA! It seemed so far away for so long and now it's here! Yikes. There's a LOT going on with me at GenCon this year, so here's my schedule for your benefit (and mine!). Key: E is running this event E is a panelist/player E is an audience member Wednesday 8/4 8:00 pm - ??? Drunken D&D with various RPG bloggers (location TBA) Thursday 8/5 9:00 am - 11:00 am Dating Doctor Clinic, Marriott Phoenix (tickets available) The doctor is … [Read more...]

5 Things You’ll Forget To Pack for GenCon


GenCon is next weekend!  Have you made your packing list yet? While everyone and their grandma will remind you to shower daily and remember your dice bag and extra socks and underwear, I'm going to take it one step further. These are things you may not think to pack, but will save your game - and possibly your dignity. 1. Writing Utensils For some folks, this is a given. They're in your gaming bag. Done and done. But how many KINDS of writing utensils do you need?  Turns out, … [Read more...]

E’s Origins Game Fair 2010 Wrap-Up


There are some that call Origins the "Pepsi" of conventions; that is, if you have to choose between it and GenCon, there's an obvious winner. I would have to disagree. For me, comparing Origins to GenCon is like comparing cola to root beer: they may be similar in some aspects, but they're very different and enjoyable in others. Dungeons & Dragons I was disappointed to see that the Ultimate Dungeon Delve, which I had ADORED in 2009, had not returned to Origins this year. It was such a great … [Read more...]

Guide to Stalking E at Origins Game Fair 2010

On the road again... I'm at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio this weekend, getting my geek on in a major way. But I'm also there on business, both of my own and for ThinkGeek (my amazing day job). ThinkGeek Stuff Finding me may yield cash and prizes! Okay, not cash. But perhaps prizes if you're a lucky duck. Each morning when I leave my hotel, I will pack my bag full of ThinkGeek items.  Should you find me while I still have some, you can have one. I will also have the new … [Read more...]

Follow This Link Friday: E’s Interview on All Games Considered


Leave my blog! ...and go here to listen to my interview with Mark and Mags of the gaming podcast All Games Considered. And hey, while you're at it, subscribe to their podcast. It's a great show that covers all types of gaming (hence the name!). TGIF, and I hope to see some of you at my geek dating events at Origins & GenCon! … [Read more...]

Guide to Stalking E at PAX East 2010


By the time you all read this, I'll be in Boston (my favorite city in New England!) for PAX East. I'm not running any events at PAX East (I've heard through the grapevine that PAX is not a dating event!), but I will be there enjoying some gaming, seeing the sights and chilling with friends. I will be attending the DMs Challenge (sponsored by WotC) on Saturday night at 7 pm to witness the throwdown between DaveTheGame and ChattyDM.  Who will win as the supreme DM?  Check out the details … [Read more...]

Guide to Stalking E at SynDCon 2010


I'm writing this from the audience of the D&D 4e Monster Creation - Make Your PCs Happy with Challenging Encounters seminar.  Talk about last minute, eh?  Life's a bit nuts lately but I'm slowly regaining my sanity. SynDCon is a local gaming convention in Rockville, Maryland. There's D&D, Living Forgotten Realms, Call of Cthulhu, Changeling, Pathfinder, GURPS, Geist... you name it, it's probably here. I'm running geek dating events throughout the weekend. The first I expect to have … [Read more...]

LiveBlogging: Dungeons & Dragons Experience 2010 (DDXP)

I'm trying something new as a way to cover conventions. Since folks may not use Twitter (or follow me), I thought I'd give CoverItLive a try. If you enjoy experiencing conventions vicariously through the intarwebs, let me know if it's something you enjoy and would like again in the future. (If you wouldn't follow convention coverage anyway, thanks for reading and feel free try try one of our other fine articles about other topics in Geek Life.) Presenting... DDXP … [Read more...]

Guide to Stalking E at DDXP 2010


Oh hai there, Dungeons & Dragons fanatics! I'll be traveling to Ft. Wayne, Indiana for Dungeons & Dragons Experience (DDXP) from Thursday 1/28 - Sunday 1/31/2010. Unlike GenCon, where I had a ton of things planned and actual appearances at various events, DDXP is a little less scheduled for me. DaveTheGame and I aren't LFR players, and the idea of being level 1 n00bs all weekend just didn't appeal to us, so we'll be poking our heads into various other things, catching up with … [Read more...]