Pet Accessories: Geeking Out With Your Best Friend


I'll level with you: it's been a long time since I've owned a pet.  "My cat" actually lives with my mother, and has since I went off to college; after that I didn't have the heart to uproot her.  Still, I'd feel weird getting another animal while "my cat" is still out there. All this to say, when I last dealt in animal accessories, I felt extra special that my cat had a purple collar instead of a standard red or blue one.  Well, times, they have a-changed.  Just as it's now way easier to find … [Read more...]

Geek Chic: Fashion Without the T-Shirts


Go to any geek gathering and there's a 'uniform' of sorts - jeans and quirky t-shirts.  And really, why not?  T-shirts are widely available and can convey a range of statements, ranging from irony to adoration to everyone's favorite, the well-placed reference that manages to be pop culture and a little obscure all at the same time.  I have many of these myself. But t-shirts don't fit into every situation.  Maybe you have a job that doesn't require a uniform, but would frown on uniforms.  In … [Read more...]

10 Geeky Stocking Stuffers

Looking for an inexpensive, geeky gift this holiday season?  Whether you're playing Secret Santa or looking to fill some stockings, here's 10 geeky gifts at or under $10, and guaranteed to thrill a geek down to their toe socks. Doctor Who Cell Phone Alert Charm, $9.99, ThinkGeek - Maybe you have to leave your phone on silent, or maybe you're like me and eventually tune out whatever ring tone you have.  Stick this little Dalek nearby (you can attach him to bags and the like) and he will flash … [Read more...]