I Am A Gamer: My First Game Jam, and How You Can Survive Yours

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If you are a gamer, particularly one interested in indie gaming, you've probably heard of game jams, events where game developers of varying discipline and experience are challenged to produce a game with a particular theme within a 48 hour period. The idea is to get the creative juices flowing and produce something that is, if not exactly polished, a fun, unique, and hopefully original take on the theme. One such jam, the iamagamer.ca jam for strong female protagonists, took place in … [Read more...]

For the Ladiez: 5 Great Geeky Fanservice Moments for (Straight) Women

Shepard ogles a shirtless Jacob

Newsflash: Both men and women have libidos and enjoy ogling a little scantily clad flesh from time to time. But while geek culture has more than its fair share of fanservice and scanty clothing designed to appeal to straight men (and possibly lesbians), there isn’t quite as much pandering to a straight female (or gay male) audience. We don’t really have many gender flipped equivalents to, say, the skimpy Theiss costumes in original Star Trek or the entirety of the Dead or Alive game franchise … [Read more...]

Doctor Who: In Defense of Amy Pond


For several weeks now I've been orbiting in my own happy world of Doctor Who, and thus far have been pretty satisfied with the new head writer, Steven Moffat.  Perhaps naively, I  assumed most other people were as well - and then today I did some reading on Doctor Who forums, for the first time. Anyone who's ever read a forum understands what I found there.  Some of the biggest fans... and biggest detractors.  No huge shock, but one line of discussion surprised me enough that I felt I needed … [Read more...]