Video Game: The Ultra-Super-Special Edition


I recall a time, in the distant past, wherein it was a big deal to purchase a video game console and games.  Most of us mere mortals were content with that experience alone, but as with most technology, it quickly grew more diverse, more personal.  More expensive. For example, I didn't just have a Sega Game Gear - I had a cool carrying case for the device and the games, as well as the AC adaptor that tethered me to the wall whilst freeing me from mounds of spent batteries.  Soon, you could … [Read more...]

For the Ladiez: 5 Great Geeky Fanservice Moments for (Straight) Women

Shepard ogles a shirtless Jacob

Newsflash: Both men and women have libidos and enjoy ogling a little scantily clad flesh from time to time. But while geek culture has more than its fair share of fanservice and scanty clothing designed to appeal to straight men (and possibly lesbians), there isn’t quite as much pandering to a straight female (or gay male) audience. We don’t really have many gender flipped equivalents to, say, the skimpy Theiss costumes in original Star Trek or the entirety of the Dead or Alive game franchise … [Read more...]

Final Fantasy XIII-2: Sequel Worth Exploring?


Prologue Long ago, I was something of a fan of the Final Fantasy franchise.  Not the earliest games, mind you, but from VII on.  When it came time to buy a next generation console, one of the main pros for the PS3 side - aside from the Blu-Ray player, when no one knew how that little battle was going to turn out - was the promise of Final Fantasy XIII, which, it was expected, would only come out for Playstation. Still, other factors outweighed the Final Fantasy issue, so when I bought my 360, I … [Read more...]

A Not-So-Final Fantasy: The Distant Worlds Concert Series

distant worlds

It’s another night at the Orpheum Theater, and members of the Vancouver Opera Orchestra are tuning their instruments, the sounds of strings and horns rising to the gilded arches and vaulted ceilings. But this is not just another opera, and the audience is not a group of formally-dressed, stuffy opera-goers. Oh, there are a few people in dresses and suits, but they rub shoulders with youths in jeans and gaming T-shirts and and with spiky-haired heroes in full cosplay. And when the first notes of … [Read more...]

Guinness’ Top 50 Video Game Characters Of All Time


Everyone's heard of the Guinness Book of World Records.  It is the definitive voice, the tome of the best and the longest and the smallest.  If you want notoriety for the tallest stack of mattresses or the Dancing Cats of Applesap, you want to be in this book, because it means you're the whateverist, ever, in the world, in all of history. What I didn't know, however, is that there's so many records out there pertaining to gaming that they actually make a Gamer's Edition of the book.  This is … [Read more...]

Big Gay WooHoo: Same-Sex Moments In Video Games


I’ve loved video and computer games since I was a kid, with a decided bias towards RPGs. The only problem was that, even when I was fairly young was that I wanted to see gay content, and I was distinctly denied, even in fairly adult games. Leather Goddesses of Phobos, for example, did not reward me for trying to flirt with Trent. Sure, Fox a.k.a. Hans Taubermann from Bloody Roar, seems to be gay, or at least a cross-dresser, but he’s clearly disturbed, and his ending has him seeming to commit … [Read more...]

Unleash your Inner Pretty Boy: 4 Dating Tips from Anime Bishounen


Bishounen for those not in the know, is a Japanese word meaning, literally, “beautiful boy.” While it used to refer primarily to an ideal of a youthful and pretty boy, it has now expanded to refer to an entire character archetype within anime and other media: a beautiful adult male with fine features, long and/or well-styled hair, and a generally refined demeanor. While they’re most often found in anime for girls and women, such as Kyou Kara Maoh and Fushigi Yuugi, there are plenty of examples … [Read more...]

Desperately Seeking Sonic: Looking For New Games to Love


I've always loved video games, but growing up I was often behind the curve.  I had a Commodore64 and a ColecoVision when I was very young, but hit a lull in home entertainment until I had a GameGear at age 10.  In the middle, I was obsessed with my friends' Nintendos (one actually gave me hers years later, and I still have it) and Segas (received one as a present in 1997, and it was still amazing). However, by the time I had those consoles, most kids my age had moved on to Nintendo64 and … [Read more...]