Great Dates in Fifty States (& Canada): Toronto, Ontario – The Geek Edition

snakes and lattes

Though I've been writing for the site for a while now and it dawned upon me that I hadn't contributed to the ongoing series of Great Dates posts yet. There's already a post in GDG's archives from 2009 with some great general suggestions about where to go in Toronto from a guest contributor. But I felt that there were some geeky landmarks that definitely we worth adding to this. Here are my picks for the must-see places to check out and great geek dating spots in Toronto. Silver … [Read more...]

Great Dates in 50 States (& the UK!): Liverpool, UK


by Lynn Reid of Lovestruck Liverpool Liverpool is a city like no other, with its relaxed atmosphere and beautiful scenery; not to mention the night life! But where does a potential date fit into all of this? Liverpool is full of interesting activities and romantic spots, the trick is knowing where to find them and what to do when you get there – here’s a list of Liverpool’s most romantic attractions. Dating at the Docks The docks of Liverpool act as a social hub, brimming with … [Read more...]

Great Dates in 50 States: College Station, TX


by Kevin of College Station might be a small city but not a dull one. Being the most educated city in Texas, it’s famous for Texas A&M Univesity and the Aggies. Even though it’s a small town, you can have plenty of interesting dates in the city. The Bush Library This is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city. Not only will you learn a lot about President Bush, you will love the architect and will get a kick out of the Oval office. This library is definitely … [Read more...]

Great Dates in 50 States: Buffalo, New York


The Surprising Date Opportunities of Buffalo, N.Y. By Guest Writer, Sam Stieler of Buffalo, N.Y. gets a bad rap. Sure, the city has seen better days, but the evacuation of its blue-collar economic base laid the groundwork for an exciting influx of artists and ground-breaking non-profit initiatives that make the capital of Western New York one of the most surprising cities in the Northeast. If you’re willing to stray off the beaten path and indulge in a few … [Read more...]

Great Dates in 50 States: Seattle, Washington (Part Deux!)


EDITOR'S NOTE:  Welcome to Kirsten Rogers of LikeBright, a social matchmaking site, for another article in our Great Dates in 50 States series. Kirsten's list of geeky dates adds to the list we have from our first Great Dates in Seattle article by Wizards of the Coast's Bruce Cordell. With all these great places, I think I may need to take a trip to Seattle. Great Dates in 50 States: Seattle, Washington by Kirsten Rogers, LikeBright Seattle offers a wide range of playful date options … [Read more...]

Great Dates in 50 States: Chicago, IL (Part Two)

Guest Post by Sarah of Lovestruck Choosing the right location for a date can be a tricky task; it’s important to spend time to research the best places to impress. However, with the help of, this task becomes a lot easier through the Great Dates in 50 States section. In this article, the focus will be the windy city of Chicago. The Aviary If you both like cocktails, then the Aviary is the ideal date location. Ever since Tom Cruise donned the bartender outfit, the cocktail … [Read more...]

Great Dates in 50 States: Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, TN

I recently returned from a two-week vacation near the famous Music City, USA with my beautiful wife, who is a true GRITS (Girls Raised In The South). My experiences as a (gasp!) homosexual in the Bible Belt are the subject of next week’s post, but if you’re looking for fun in the sun and humidity, Nashville and the surrounding area offers tons of fun and quirky attractions and experiences for a memorable first, second, or thirty-seventh date. It’s All Greek To Me Not fans of country music? … [Read more...]

Great Dates in 50 States: New York, NY (Part Deux!)


Great Dates in 50 States: New York, NY by Christy Purington, New York City is an intense place. Some days, it beats you down with incessant traffic, sludgy sidewalks and rude residents. But it’s the days in early spring, when the sun is shining, that you look up to see these magnificent, towering buildings and silently smile to yourself, I actually live here. The city only gets better when you have someone to share it with; someone to laugh at your nutty cab driver or indulge … [Read more...]

Geek’s Dream Girl’s Top 10 Articles of 2010


Your clicks, retweets, and Facebookings have spoken! Here are the top 10 articles of 2010 by traffic: 1. Needles of Knitting +5: Using The Craft Skill To Its Best Advantage 2. GenCon 2010 Update: Castle Ravenloft Board Game 3. Coping With Being Single: Ur Doin’ It Wrong 4. Brainless Act Leads to Smart Decision 5. LiveBlogging: Dungeons & Dragons Experience 2010 (DDXP) 6. Top 5 Anime Speech Patterns that Drive Us Nuts 7. 5 Gosh-Honest Reasons Why Your Dating Life … [Read more...]

Great Dates in 50 States: New York, New York


It's time for another guest post in our Great Dates in 50 States series! Please welcome to the stage Oliver Jameson and his great dates in New York City: Everyone knows that New York is one of the most vibrant cities in the world but it's also among the most romantic if you know where to go. Whether you are an occasional visitor or a seasoned local who just wants to mix up your dating destinations, then New York has lots of gems waiting to be discovered. Whatever your budget, tastes and … [Read more...]