First Episodes, First Impressions: Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club


Fanservice… it’s not just for male otaku any more. In my earlier article on straight female fanservice moments in geek culture, I mentioned that I held off on including anime and manga as it had a much better track record in showing off “hawt menz” than Western media. But even with a long and storied history of willowy bishonen who sparkle and make smoldering bedroom eyes at the heroine/the camera/each other, never has anime fanservice for the straight gals and gay guys been this… um… … [Read more...]

First Episode, First Impressions: Servant X Service Episode 1

servant x service

I know what you’re probably thinking, but no… despite its title, Servant x Service is NOT a pervy show about sexy maids and/or butlers. I’m as surprised as you, frankly… knowing what I do about anime, titles, suggestive ecchi, and maid fetishes, it seems like it would be an obvious combination. But Servant x Service is about a very different kind of servant: civil servants. In First Episodes, First Impressions, we take a look at the slice-of-life comedy that delves into the world of Japan’s … [Read more...]