Fit4GenCon: The Continuing Saga of Salad Club

I thought I'd give you an update on how the Salad Club at ThinkGeek's World Domination HQ is going. (If you missed the beginning of Salad Club, check it out here.) Depending on the week, we have anywhere from 3-6 people in Salad Club. There are about 4 of us who are in every week, and the others pop in and out from week to week. We have abandoned the Google Docs idea. It may work for your office, but we have a bunch of people who wait until Monday to check the doc and then go shopping, … [Read more...]

Fit4GenCon: E’s Healthstyle Progress Update #1

Well, I made a non-resolution that I was going to rock a new healthstyle in 2010, so here I am, being accountable and writing an update about how things are going. If you're totally lost, you may want to go back and read these posts first: What Will You Look Like at GenCon 2010? Get Fit By Becoming A Food Geek (guest post by Darya of SummerTomato) E’s Journey To Food Geek and Fit4GenCon: Part 1 Geeks Can Cook: Apple Pie Breakfast (#fit4gencon) E’s 2010 Goal Word (Not … [Read more...]

Fit4GenCon: The Salad Club Starter Kit

I've gotten some requests for more information about Salad Club and getting one started at your office. If you missed the first post, pop back and read the overview of Salad Club first. I would make PDF downloads, but let's face it, most folks download something, look at it once, and then forget about it.  I'm just going to write it all out here so you can copy/paste/modify/whatever you like. Promotional Emails Subject: The Rules of Salad Club 1st RULE: You do not talk about SALAD CLUB. … [Read more...]

Fit4GenCon: The First Rule of Salad Club


On my quest to become Fit4GenCon, I've invented a club over at my day job at ThinkGeek. It's Salad Club, and the simplest way to describe it is a potluck salad bar. How Salad Club Works Members sign up on a Google Docs spreadsheet and commit to bring 1-2 salad ingredients for the week. For example, this week I'm on greens duty. On Monday, everyone brings in their item and places it in the crisper bins of our fridge. When lunchtime rolls around, Salad Club members pull out the … [Read more...]

E’s 2010 Goal Word (Not Resolution!)

Disclaimer: This is NOT E's butt.

2010 is nearly upon us (unless you're one of our Aussie readers, in which case you're already there!) and instead of making New Year's Resolutions, I've decided to go with Chris Brogan's method of choosing words to guide me through the year. If you're single, check out my suggestions on how to use this method to improve your dating life. I have three goal words, but will be sharing one big one with you all because I really, really, really want you to help me stick to it.  Whether it's by … [Read more...]

Geeks Can Cook: Apple Pie Breakfast (#fit4gencon)

Steel cut oats, also known as Irish oats, are an awesome source of insoluble fiber and protein.  If you find that regular oatmeal is too mushy and just doesn't fill you up, you're going to want to try steel cut oats. Now, the problem with steel cut oats is that they take a long time to cook.  Who has 30-40 minutes to make breakfast?  My solution to this was making them in the crockpot and then reheating them in single servings in the morning. My favorite kind of oatmeal has always been … [Read more...]

E’s Journey To Food Geek and Fit4GenCon: Part 1

Darya's right.  I think that the only way for me to achieve a sustainable healthy weight is to become a food geek. After all, unless food becomes something I geek out about, it will always be something of peripheral importance (at least as far as quality goes, I'm always up for some quantity!). Every time I've lost weight before, I've slowly slipped back into old habits and gained it all back.  This time, it was "and then some." So... food geekery, here I come.   Here's what I've been … [Read more...]

Get Fit By Becoming A Food Geek

(e's note:  Welcome today's guest writer, Darya Pino, one of my favorite bloggers. Darya is a scientist, San Francisco foodie and advocate of local, seasonal foods. Get more healthy eating tips at her blog Summer Tomato. Follow her on Twitter @summertomato.) On paper I am a huge nerd. I’m a scientist for one thing (neuroscience Ph.D.) and I’m also a blogger and tech geek. I have three generations of Nintendo consoles that until very recently were hooked up to my 32” computer monitor. My … [Read more...]

Geeks Can Cook: Chicken & Veggie Chili Soup

I twittered a couple easy crockpot chicken recipes last week and thought gee, it might be nice to share some of my cooking adventures with the rest of my readers! Before you run away screaming, "I can't cook," let me admit here that all of my "cooking" involves things with very few ingredients and a minimal amount of mathematics and/or knives.  (I failed cutting in kindergarten.) … [Read more...]

Gimme Some Sugar: “Throwback” Sodas to Savor Year-Round

There's been a lot of talk in the geek community lately surrounding Pepsi's "throwback" sodas.  Essentially, they're putting out a version of regular Pepsi and Mountain Dew that will use cane sugar (the original ingredient) instead of high-fructose corn syrup, which has been used since the sugar price scare a few decades ago. Don't get me wrong - I support this, though I don't actually drink Pepsi or Mountain Dew.  I'm a sucker for the retro packaging, and I feel that if I'm going to drink … [Read more...]