NFL: Needs More Robots


So we're in the thick of the pro football season.  Maybe not normally a topic we associate with geekery, but geeks come in all flavors, and let me tell you, my Facebook feed is full of football updates (and to quote The IT Crowd, my friends list is pretty much limited to self-proclaimed "standard nerds").  Even I've gotten into it this year, which is honestly bizarre for me: I didn't attend a big football college, and despite having been in the marching band in high school and thus attending … [Read more...]

In Praise Of The Geeky Sports Fan


I’m writing this article from my couch. Normally, my laptop stays in my office, and I do all my computer work there. But it’s Sunday, and my beloved Minnesota Vikings are playing the Miami Dolphins, so I’m zoned in the living room today, and I’m writing during commercial breaks and time-outs. That’s right, folks. This geek girl is a football fan! And I know I’m not the only one. Think geekery and sports don’t go together? It’s time to dispense of the stereotype that geeks are the weaklings … [Read more...]