Almost Human: Almost There


A few seasons ago, fantasy series seemed to be the "in" thing for network TV; this year I'm noticing more of a sci-fi bent.  Almost Human is a prime example; the show is set 35 years in the future, and is essentially a buddy cop bromance between a human with baggage and issues expressing his emotions and a rogue, extra-emotional and intuitive android.  It may seem a bit cliche or cheesy, and it vaguely reminds me of Alien Nation from time to time, but it's growing on me... almost. Fox chose … [Read more...]

Who History: The Eighth Doctor


November 2013 marks the fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who.  In the months leading up to the official anniversary, I'll be talking about various aspects of Who that I think (or hope) might be relevant to the Anniversary Special.  Even if it's ultimately just extra information, hopefully it will still add depth of knowledge and general appreciation to fifty years of sci-fi fun. This installment is all about the most controversial Doctor of the lot: the Eighth Doctor, played by Paul McGann. … [Read more...]

Alcatraz: Pointers for a Possible Second Season

Monday night saw the season finale of Alcatraz, but as of this writing, it still hasn't been determined whether it will actually be a series finale.  I, personally, am hoping it will be renewed; Fox has already axed Terra Nova, so maybe they feel there's room for this strange mix of sci-fi and procedural.  And while ratings haven't been great, they haven't been terrible, either; perhaps in a different season, tied to a different show (House was on its last season and ratings have been losing … [Read more...]

I’m Not Just Excited, I’m Full of Glee!


As with many things, I was somewhat of a latecomer to the phenomenon that is Glee.  And as usual, I had no real reason to resist for so long. After the very first episode, my Facebook news page was alight with people talking about this show.  You could say that because I was a music major in college and a band/drama geek in high school, all of my friends and acquaintances fall into the early adopter and target demographic categories. Still, I just never got around to seeking it out.  And … [Read more...]

TV That Molded a Geek: The X-Files


This month's Movie That Molded a Geek is not a movie at all (well, eventually it was, but we're not going to cover those today), but rather a TV show.  When thinking back over what shaped me as a geek, one TV show rises above all others, and was perhaps more influential than any movie: The X-Files. The year was 1993.  I was a ten-year-old, starting the fifth grade.  While I had grown up watching Star Wars and my parents were avid readers of speculative fiction, I hadn't really hopped on the … [Read more...]