Excuse Me, Miss. Didn’t I See You In The Monster Manual 2?

You've read the serious reviews of the Monster Manual 2.  They're written by people who know crunch and history and all that stuff.  Me, I'm in D&D for the fun.  Crunch is math and math's not fun. (Sorry, math geeks.) My Monster Manual post was entitled "Are Your IM Buddies in the Monster Manual?" For Monster Manual 2, we're looking at all the uppity, down-ity, psychotic females you've ever known or dated.   I even recruited some special guests and have featured their thoughts on … [Read more...]

Top Five Reasons Why Dungeons & Dragons Will Help You Survive the Recession

Everyone's all "OMG RECESSION!"  People are losing their jobs, businesses are crumbling, house prices are tumbling, and Jack and Jill just can't manage to get the credit line to buy the motorized scooters needed to cart their fast-food-filled asses up the hill to fetch a pail of water.  (Okay, most likely a pail of Coca-Cola, but who really cares?)  Oh, woe is America.  The suckitude is upon us.  Whatever shall we do? Pull your tear-stained head out of your rear and play some Dungeons & … [Read more...]

YouTube Goodies: Love Bytes

This is a cute short film about a possible future of online dating. What if online dating profiles came with a "truth button"? … [Read more...]

Top 5 Reasons I Want To Date Wolverine

This past weekend both e. and I were able to catch X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Now, anyone who saw X3 knows that Wolverine is currently single; this most recent movie just gave us a few more reasons to pine for The Furry One. … [Read more...]

National Online Dating Examiner Highlights, 5/5/09

As you all know, I hold the post of National Online Dating Examiner at Examiner.com.  Examiners are writers who are passionate experts on a particular topic.  You can find them examining everything from wine to sports teams to the latest internet gossip. Since you don’t always have time to check on both places, here’s a list of some of my recent articles.  If they interest you, click on through! … [Read more...]

Dilbert Says Darwin Favors Geeks: Turn Women On With Your Smarts and Stable Income!

[Read more...]

Video Goodies: Don’t Bring Your DM on a Blind Date

Funny Videos | Funny Cartoons | More Video Clips … [Read more...]

Recluses, Role-Players, and the Hopelessly Desperate: A Video About Online Dating

Thanks, BoingBoing.  You always find the best stuff! This video is from a great little project known as The Moth.  It's live storytelling by literary greats and people who you may not know yet who are going to be literary greats.  Seriously, subscribe to the podcast.  It's amazing. Here's a hilarious story about a guy who sold all his stuff to fly to Australia to meet a woman who could swear creatively... … [Read more...]

Dude! I LOVED Playing Telephone!

Post-It Notes + Bad Drawings + Interpreting Bad Drawings ------------------------------------- Most Fun Waste of Time I've Found Lately … [Read more...]

Are You Working With The Undead? (Open Grave: D&D 4e Supplement)

Every office has them. Coworkers who - for their own special reasons - make you want to go postal. I just received my new copy of Open Grave.   It's totally badass and a must-have for all DMs and any fan of the undead.  I'll leave the hardcore reviewing for those better suited for that serious stuff. When I ponder people rotten from the inside and hellbent on destruction, my thoughts immediately turn to horrible co-workers. Let's take a look at Open Grave through that … [Read more...]